Issue with Tidal Master Quality stream breaks after few seconds

Hello, I am using Roon with AudioData MSII Music Server. The MSII is connected with my Marantz SA 10 to use the high end DAC, which is connected with Accuphase E 470 integrated amplifier.

Roon works perfect and the Tidal integration as well, but unfortunately not when streaming Masterqualiy. It starts streaming and breaks up after few seconds, jumping to the next song and this goes on like this.

If I go directly to Tidal there is no issue streaming Masterquality hence there seem to be somewhere a problem when Roon is in between.

I have seen several clients report similar problem, but have not yet seen resolution of this.

Many thanks for letting me know how this problem can be solved.


I use WiFi via Orbi system from Netgear, which is connected to Modem

Hello @Martin_Brueck,

Being unable to stream MQA content usually indicates a bandwidth issue somewhere along the line. Can you please let me know:

  1. Is your Orbi on the newest firmware?

  2. Have you made sure to un-check Disable IGMP Proxying in your router’s settings as per our Networking Best Practices?

  3. Does this issue occur for multiple endpoints of just the Marantz Zone? Even outputting to “System Output” would give us a great data point.

  4. Have you rebooted your Core, Networking Gear and Endpoints yet?

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