Issue with Tidal playlists causing crashes on Roon Remote for Android and IOS (ref#RYA803)

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· I am experiencing freezes or crashes

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Hi there, if i want to use newly created long playlists on Tidal, Roon Remote on Android and IOS crashes. Older playlists work. If i use those new playlists with Windows, there ist no problem.

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Telekom Speedport Smart 3 / WLan

Hello @Udo_Wawrziniok ,

Thanks for reaching out with your report. Can you please let us know the exact local time + date of the next crash and which Android device you notice the crash on? We can enable remote diagnostics mode after getting this info, but I noticed you have a few Android devices registered to you so I want to make sure we look over the logging for the correct device. Let us know this info and we will enable logging after, thanks!

Thanks for your reply.

Here are the time stamps and devices:

24.06.2024. Time 18:34. Device: Xiaomi 12 Pro

24.06.2024. Time 18:37. Device: Samsung Tab S7 FE

24.06.2024. Time 18:42. Device: Iphone

24.06.2024. Time 19:39. Device: Xiaomi 12 pro

Location is Essen, Germany

The Same Playlists of Qobuz Work fine, but i have Crashs with Tidal as soon as i start to scroll within the Playlists.

I have to Reinstall Roon remote on Xiaomi and iPhone to use the App again.

On the Samsung Tablet i can Close the App and start it again.

Thanks in advance for your Support.

We’ve activated some diagnostics for your Xiaomi phone. Can you please run the Roon remote app for a few minutes on the phone to allow the diagnostics to proceed?

Only seen your message now. Sorry.
Remote App runs on the phone now.

Still IOS and Android Remote App crashes as soon as i scroll in Tidal-Playlists that have been created lately and have more than 100 songs. Older and smaller playlists work, Qobuz works completely.

Using Roon Remote on Windows works fine without any issues.

Can you describe the crash? Does the remote app close? Do you see any error messages?

I do not get any error messages.
Example: I open the Tidal Playlist “Test Tidal” which has 104 Tracks.
When i scroll down in the Playlist i arrive at track 81 and roon remote freezes completely or gets all black.

Same with the Playlist “Audiophil”. 304 Tracks but as i scroll to track 81, roon remote freezes. When i use the same Playlist from Qobuz everything works fine.

The list has more than 200 Tracks more than shown in the picture of the freeze. But as soon as i come to track “1001 Nacht” nothing goes anymore.

First i thought it could be a Problem because i copied the lists from Qobuz to Tidal. So i generated the Playlist “Test Tidal” with the same Tracks manually and had the same issues while older and shorter Playlists work.

Opening the Tidal Playlist “Au-ph Tidal 1” causes a Crash immediately and the screen turns black.

Those Problems show up on two Android devices (Xiaomi Phone and Samsung Tablet) and on an iPhone.
Using Windows Remote App works flawless.

Okay thanks for the extra information I’m going to make a ticket for this. To help please activate logging on your iPhone, reproduce the freeze, and upload the logs from your iPhone to this link. To find and activate these logs you can use these instructions. Please let me know if you need clarification on this.

Dear Daniel, i have uploaded the logs from the iPhone.
More important to me is to make Roon Remote work flawless on my Android devices.


I understand that. The reason I started with your iOS device is that we have good instructions already written up for getting the logs from iOS devices. We don’t have those for android yet. I will review your logs and get back to you when I know more.