Issue with Topping DX5 DAC connection on Roon/NucleusOne (ref#1Q7OW0)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with my DAC, speakers, streamer, etc.

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

· I see my device in Settings > Audio, but I can't enable it

Describe the issue

I'm new to Roon/NucleusOne. When I connect my Topping DX5 to the USB port on the NOne "Topping" shows up under audio but trying to ENABLE just says "device initialization failed". And when I try to set up under detting there is no "Topping" category. If TOPPING is unsupported is there any way to use the DAC with ROON or must I find a new and supported DAC/headphone amp?

Describe your network setup

ATT 5268AC, PEPWAVE SURF SOHO all audio on same network. Using DELL Desktop WIN 10 for ROON management. I have used the TOPPING via the desktop & "foobar" FLAC player before buying the Nucleus

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This is not the Topping DAC connected to the Nucleus One as claimed (no ASIO for Linux) but the leftover entry for the DAC connected to your desktop Windows PC. That is likely why the initialization fails – the DAC is no longer connected to that machine. You should probably disable that old entry. Please provide a screenshot of the full listing of audio devices in Roon.

PS: If you plan to use the DAC to its full extent as advertised by its manufacturer, consider keeping it connected to the Windows PC where drivers that support this are available. Alternatively use a streamer that supports the DAC’s full capabilities if the Nucleus doesn’t. Note: Roon OS is designed as a base for a Roon Server machine and not as a streamer. Its kernel might miss the patches needed to allow full support of the DAC’s features that specialized streaming devices may come equipped with.

This helps.
Being a Windows person I’m used to connecting anything and I didn’t research carefully enough before this first-time experience with the Nucleus one & ROON software

Having to run my TOPPING through my PC or buying a compatible streamer kinda defeats the reason for buying the NucOne to begin with.

while ROONs ability to organize my library, suggest alternatives and link Quboz may make the ROON subscription worth it, but right now it looks to me like the Nucleus One purchase was big mistake!
If I’m missing something here kindly point me the right direction! Thank you!


We don’t know your expectations.

I expect the Nucleus One to fully support DACs compatible to USB Audio Class 2 (UAC2). IIRC does UAC2 support digital audio up to PCM 384 kHz and DSD (DoP) 256.

Hi @John_Griffin,

We’d be happy to take a closer look if you’d like!

Please reproduce the issue and share the specific date and time. From there, keep your Nucleus online and connected to your network and we’ll enable diagnostic mode for the device.

I’ll be on standby for your reply, thank you! :pray:

Thanks for reaching out Benjamin

With 20-20 hindsight I was naive to have ordered the nucleus with so little research and prior knowledge of ROON. I know no little about linux or its digital connections and being a seriously old guy + only having Windows experience leads me to think I’ll be better off running a Window ROON server, at least for now, and intend to return the Nucleus per the 30 day return policy.

ROON server is running well enough on my office PC for testing purposes and I’ll be trying to figure out what hardware/software/subscription arrangement makes most sense for me in the few years that remain for me. Clearly ROON is a seriously flexible system allowing integration and selection of our 2 household users & sources & speakers… But at a cost and I may not require all that flexibility.

Again, thanks for reaching out to me! Regards…John

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