Issue with Topping MX3 USB DAC

Roon Core Machine

Running Roon 806 on QNAP Device

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All running on Wired ethernet, local to the same switch

Connected Audio Devices

Connection is from Ropieee 3.113 on raspberry PI 4B Rev 1.4 to Topping MX3 USB DAC via the USB port on the PI

Library Size

3000 Tracks

Description of Issue

Running Roon 806 on QNAP Device, when I select the device and try to play something to the RoPieee Endpoint.

Roon Briefly ( 1-2 Seconds) connects and then comes back and says “roon lost control of the audio device”

I do see the DAC flicker and quickly display 48 Khz, but no sound at all.

I have tried different USB cables, including the one that does work from the Windows Client to the USB DAC.

The issue was there before the 806 upgrade acting in the same way.

Am I dealing with a compatibility issues related to the Topping MX3?


Hello @Ian_Pizey

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues connecting to the Topping from your Ropieee Bridge.

Do you happen to have a different endpoint that you can temporally connect to the Ropieee (using the same USB cable and port that you use to connect the Topping) to see if you can get playback with a different device?

This will help us establish if the issue you’re seeing is stemming from the Bridge or the Topping.

No I do not have another USB DAC device to test at this time. I do however have a HAT DAC coming for the PI. That hopefully will work with the end state AMP I am trying to drive.

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My thought was that keeping the Ropieee in place but swapping out the endpoint attached to it would help us distinguish whether the cause of this issue is the Ropieee or the Topping.