Issue with TS3 Plus Dock and Fostex DAC

I have the same problem with my TS3 Plus and Fostex DAC. It works perfectly when directly connected to the laptop.

Still haven’t found a solution though.

I have been using SPDIF to connect DACs to the dock.

Hi @Mit_Kalola,

Welcome to the forum! Do you by any chance have the ability to install drivers for the Dock from the manufacturer? Can you check to see if you have the latest drivers?

I’ve found that if I connect the dock to the laptop before I boot the laptop the issue does not occur- it’s the only reliable way I’ve found to avoid this, seems to be a device contention issue for windows when the dock is connected after boot since macs using the same dock, usb cable, and DAC are not affected.

Drivers are up to date. It’s power interference issue. If you unplug from charging thunderbolt(high power) to data-only thunderbolt(low power) then there isn’t any interference.

I am gonna try USB Filter to filter out the power interference.

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It’s power interference. I use the dock to charge my laptop. If you only use the dock to expand your ports then you won’t have any issues. I tried restarting and shutting down as well but still the same issue. Shutting down should be the same as connecting before powering on your laptop. But I’ll try that too.

I am gonna try iPurifier3 USB Filter or iGalvanic3.0. That might work.

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@Mit_Kalola - Thanks for letting us know you isolated the issue, do let us know if the filter resolves the issue!

So I just tried both of them. iPurifier3 USB Filter doesn’t seem to do anything to alleviate the interference issue. iGalvanic3.0 does eliminate some interference but it’s not significant enough to improve the sound quality. iGalvanic3.0 makes your DAC “useable” but pops and cracks are frequent.

Then I tried both at the same time and it doesn’t make a difference if you use both or just iGalvanic3.0. iGalvanic3.0 provides marginal improvement at best.

So problem of the power interference using TS3 Plus and external DAC still persist. Currently the best solution is to use SPDIF out in TS3 Plus. It has a limit of 24-bit 96k. Otherwise connect your DAC directly to your laptop.

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Hi @Mit_Kalola,

There’s been other reports of similar behavior with a TS Dock, perhaps this thread can help you:

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