Issues after resume from sleep MacOS

I have the same issue with RoonServer on a MacOSX Ventura 13.0.1 : after waking-up the laptop, I have the following behaviors :

  1. RoonServer wakes up : no audio devices
  2. RoonServer wakes up : resume playback, or playing another song does not work, the app is not-responsive to a play tap, although I can still browse collection and use app normaly
  3. RoonServer does not wake up
  4. RoonServer wakes up - playback possible

In all cases, I need to re-start RoonServer to fix the issue - definitely a caching/refreshing issue somewhere in the RoonApp

Yes, Happens to me also.
I just never let Mac to sleep or anything else. Especially since ARC. In house I have music playing so the m1 mini is on, outside I have ARC so m1 mini needs to be on.
If you want me to share my settings prefs just ask

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Hey @Ovidiu_Eftimie,

Thanks for writing in! To confirm, when you run into this issue, closing and re-opening the roon remote application does not help? A hard restart of the core is needed?

If possible, can you please share the specific date and time the next time you run into this issue?


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