Issues backing up my music files on Nucleus+ using Carbon Copy Cloner

I’ve been using Carbon Copy Cloner on my Mac to backup my music files from my Nucleus to an external drive connected to the Mac.

CCC completed but encountered errors while transferring some files and reported 3 files or albums not copied.
I deleted the 3 albums and backed up again, but the same error message came up. I wonder why CCC reports that I have the 3 albums or files when I’ve deleted the 3 albums and they don’t appear in Roon anymore?

Hello @Paul_Elliott, and thanks for your post! Have you checked that directory in finder for these files? Can you share a screenshot of what you see? I’d also recommend a reboot to see if that helps.

Also, have you reached out to CCC about this issue?

hi @nuwriy,

Many thanks for your reply. I disconnected the drive from the Nucleus and was able to delete the parent folder for two of the albums. I rebooted the Nucleus and backed up again and only one of the albums (The Tribe) was giving me an error message.

I’ve heard back from Mike at Bomich and I’ve sent CCC the logs.



Thanks for the followup, @Paul_Elliott. Do let us know what CCC says!

Hi Dylan,

Here’s Mike’s last 2 replies, the answer is to basically copy the music files in question to another parent folder and delete the original parent folder. Unfortunately the corruption for one of the albums appears to be coming from the Muzak folder that houses half my collection. So I’m copying the files from Muzak to Muzak new, I have about 4TB of music files in that folder and it’s taking nearly 3 weeks to complete.

Sep 5, 2020, 7:10 AM EDT

Hi Paul,

09/05 10:39:29  [sender] file has vanished: "/Volumes/Data/Storage/Music_OYEN_MiniPro_E31_WD-WCAS24638356_59CC-EE6F-p2/muzak/Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - The Tribe (1988) [FLAC]"

This message indicates that this folder was present in the folder listing of the “muzak” folder, but when CCC asked the source for information about this folder, the NAS claimed that the folder did not exist. That’s typically corruption of the parent folder’s folder listing.

Can you copy that folder manually via the Finder? The “new folder and move content” trick should work in this case as well (for the “muzak” folder).


Mike Bombich
Bombich Software, Inc.

Hi Paul,

I deleted the 3 albums and backed up again

Did you delete them from the source or the destination? The problem is specific to the source, and given the nature of the error, the corruption may actually be in the parent folders of those affected files, not in the files themselves. I would try recreating the immediate parent folders of the affected items, e.g. supposing the parent folder is named “Blue Oyster Cult”:

  • Create a new folder named “Blue Oyster Cult new”
  • Drag the content from “Blue Oyster Cult” into the “Blue Oyster Cult new” folder
  • Delete the now-empty “Blue Oyster Cult” folder
  • Rename “Blue Oyster Cult new” --> “Blue Oyster Cult”

Repeat for the other affected folders as well, then try running the task again. If the errors recur, please submit your logs to me for review so I can take a closer look at your task events and configuration. Choose “Submit Logs” from CCC’s Help menu, then click the Submit Logs button and let me know the submission ID that is presented to you.


Mike B. (Bombich Software)

Sep 8, 2020, 10:43 AM EDT

Hi Paul,

Do you mean I should make a new parent folder and move the muzak folder into it?

Yes, e.g. create a “muzak new” folder at the same level as the muzak folder, then move all of the content from muzak into muzak new, then delete the (now empty) muzak folder, then rename muzak new --> muzak. That will get rid of the corruption that’s associated with the muzak folder listing.


Hello @Paul_Elliott, and thanks for the update! Please let us know how it goes. I also wanted to mention that before you change your watched folder in Roon, please make sure to follow these directions.

thanks for the link nuwriy, I actually stopped moving the files to the new folder as it was taking too long.I’ll try again with a new external disk plugged directly into my mac at a later stage.

Sounds like a plan, @Paul_Elliott! Please let me know if you have any further questions, we’re happy to help!