Issues connecting to NUC Core

This started happening to me about four days ago as well. All was fine, I was able to play music and now my Roon Core cannot be found.

I can access my NUC’s ‘system status’ page and it tells me the OS, server and DB are all fine. Reinstalling the OS, restarting the sever software and rebooting my NUC make no difference.

My system is Roon Core running on a NUC which is hardwired to my Netgear Orbi. I have a Pi endpoint which is also hardwired to my router. All other devices and applications on this network are working fine.

It was while a song was playing that the dropout occurred and since then I cannot reconnect.

Hi @James_Lines,

  • What kind of Roon Remotes/Clients are you trying to connect to the NUC with?

  • Are you using ROCK or a different OS for the NUC?

  • I see you have an Orbi network, can you confirm if Disable IGMP Proxying helps with connection? We have sometimes seen this setting needed as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices Guide

Hi Noris,

Apologies for the delay in responding. I’m using my Orbi in ‘AP Mode’ so I don’t think that option you’ve described is available, however I will see if there the option exists on my Plusnet router.

I am using ROCK for the NUC. My Roon bridge is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Ubuntu.



Hi @James_Lines,

I would also try rebooting your Networking Gear + Core to see if that helps.

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