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Just started using the Roon product, still on the trial version. My library consists mostly of CDs ripped with ALAC / Apple Lossless. I’ve begun re-ripping everything with FLAC using dbPoweramp CD Ripper. I haven’t changed any of the default settings in that software or in Roon. I’m noticing that some albums aren’t importing, but I’m unable to identify what’s different about them. Out of the last 5 albums ripped, 3 imported correctly and the others are not there. I just noticed this issue, so after ripping ~50 CDs, there could be many others. The CDs are ripping into the same directory alongside the ALAC files. There is nothing in the skipped file list, I’ve forced a rescan, restarted Roon, and I’ve tried cleaning the library and manually dragging the new files into Roon. I also attempted to move a set of FLACs to a new folder and manually add them with no luck.

This CD imported -

This CD did not -

Hi @JD_Cincy,

Roon is most likely considering them as duplicates …
Can you check / adjust this to “Yes”.

  • Roon–>Settings–>General–>Show hidden tracks and albums

BTW #1 are you happy with file name format that dBPA is creating (“NN Artist - Track Name”)?
It’s ok and Roon will be fine with it, but you may preferer just have just “NN Track Name”
When ripping multi CD sets. there are a couple of options to consider.
Either have an extra folder level CD01, CD02, CD03 etc. or use this filename format “DD NN Track Name”.
This is all configurable in dBPA, once setup it automatic.

BTW #2 dBPA can transcode from ALAC to FLAC, however I appreciate you may feel more comfortable re-ripping your CD as dBPA also has AccurateRip verification.

Hope this helps.

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That was it! I think I can clean it up from here.

As far as the filename goes, good call. I’m not super picky, but I may as well remove the artist name from the files as it’s unnecessary since it’s part of the path as you said.

Also as you said, I still have the CDs so it’s no trouble to start clean with a new rip to flac… now if Apple would support FLAC I could get rid of 10s of GB of extra files!

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community, @JD_Cincy.

This is unnecessary since you already have lossless media. In you want to make FLAC available, use dbPoweramp’s batch converter.

When ripping or changing many files in a watched folder I usually stop Roon.

You didn’t say how you ripped the ALAC files, but if you used a different ripper, it’s possible that the meta data are different in some, which would result in a new release added to your library. When the release is identical you may find them as duplicate tracks or separate releases under the Versions tab.

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