Issues restoring Roon Database to ROCK NAS

Hi, all,

I just migrated to ROCK (from a NAS setup) and am having issues with the backup restore feature. I made tons of metadata edits in my original NAS setup and they are not all showing up in ROCK after conducting a backup restore. I definitely do not want to have to do these edits again.

Luckily- I still have the original database in the NAS which I can still access and use via Roon. Does anyone recommend adding the Roon database from the NAS setup directly to the correct folder in ROCK? Do you know what folder in ROCK I should add it to?

Thanks for your help. @support

Hey @Joshua_Lagos – sorry for the trouble here.

So, just to be clear, the restore isn’t failing right?

If I’m understanding correctly, the restore completed successfully, and some of your edits (or play history, bookmarks, etc) are showing up right? It’s just that some edits didn’t make it over? Is that right?


The roon ROCK software accepted the backup, went through its processes and noted the restore was successful… but in reality did not fully restore since I am missing metadata etc.,

What do you suggest for next steps?

Hi @Joshua_Lagos — Thank you for touching base with us and providing the requested insight. Appreciated!

Before we have you send us over your Roon backups for testing I’d like to get a better sense as to what exactly is not being carried over after the restore process has completed. I understand from your follow up that your are missing “metadata etc” but would kindly like to clarify the following:

  • The missing metadata edits, are these edits you have performed on TIDAL content or local content?

  • It sounds like you are missing more than just metadata edits here and as such can you please specify what items should’ve been restored but are now missing.


Hi, Eric,

Sure- more than happy to clarify.

-I don’t use TIDAL- so no issue here.

-When I first started using Roon, I needed to manually add metadata via Roon to a good chunk of my mp3 and flac files, including updating album and artist information (Roon could not automatically add metadata to many files- that was because in some cases the music was mislabeled (which I corrected via Roon)). This was hours of work- so no small amount of time. The problem is that most if not all of these edits are not showing up via the Roon backup.

What do you recommend?


Thanks for the clarification @Joshua_Lagos, very appreciated!

Besides the mentioned edits, are other elements being restored during the process as expected? These items would include any “bookmarks” or playlists.

Furthermore, I would like to have our techs test with your backups in house to see what we can come up with. At your earliest convenience would you kindly zip up/send over a copy of your Roon backups via a shared dropbox link in a PM addressed to me?


@eric The playlists are restored. And albums that did not require me to manually search through Roon’s database (ie Roon updated the albums and songs automatically after loaded into the system) were restored. The problem is really with albums and songs that I had to manually identify and change the metadata myself. Sure- will upload the backup.

Thanks for getting back to me @Joshua_Lagos, very appreciated! I will be on the look out for the upload!

In the mean time, I just received feedback from one of our tech team members who read your report and they have asked if you could please try the following test and share the results with us. Please see below.

  1. Please restore from your backup.

  2. Once the restore process has completed, please use the steps found here on how to bring your watch folders back online.

  3. Do you make the same observations as before?



Eric- thanks for the reply. I meant to get back earlier. Before I follow your above instructions - if I disable the connection of Roon on my NAS to the music folders as you noted - if I reenable the connection via Roon on my NAS - will all the metadata that I inputted/corrected be restored? I am afraid of losing the one database that does work- and that I spent hours working on.

Just to be clear- I am not moving my music folders. ROCK will be accessing the same music folders stored in my NAS that Roon is currently accessing as a Roon Core in my NAS setup.

I sent you the link to my backup.

Hi @Joshua_Lagos ---- Thanks for getting in touch with me, very appreciated! Confirming that I have seen your PM and received the backups.

If you are disable the watch folders and then re-enable them after performing the restore you are not in any jeopardy of losing your edits :wink: Here is what I would recommend…

  1. Make a backup of your current DB that is working as expected.

  2. Next, disable your watch folders in Roon and then close ALL active instances of the application from running.

  3. Restore from the backup as intended on the device hosting ROCK.

  4. Once the restore has completed, visit the storage tab and re-enable the storage locations.



Thanks for your help. I got it to work. Looks like having “two” Roon applications scan the same database caused the problem. All is fixed and all is well.

I have one additional question that is unrelated but would appreciate any feedback. I read in a different thread that via ROCK - Roon is making updates in the linux kernel so that DSD can play natively for certain DACs. Do you know if Roon will add any updates in ROCK to support native DSD playback via the Burr-Brown 24/192 DSD1796 DAC?


Hi @Joshua_Lagos ---- Thank you for the update! I am pleased to hear that you were able to get this resolved, excellent work :+1:

In regard to your question:

“I read in a different thread that via ROCK - Roon is making updates in the linux kernel so that DSD can play natively for certain DACs. Do you know if Roon will add any updates in ROCK to support native DSD playback via the Burr-Brown 24/192 DSD1796 DAC?”

We (Roon) do not create the Kernel patches themselves, we use this repository for the patches that are available: