Issues Roon on synology and DCS Network Bridge

Topologi Synology ML DS916+

Topologi Synology CVL DS415+

I have bean using 2 set ups for playing music as shown later. For player I use Roon with the latest software 1.3 build 259 download august 24.
I did not have many issues accept once in a while, easily solvable. For the last 2 weeks or so I have problem with both systems as given below.

  1. The system is set to play a 90 track playlist. Suddenly after some time it plays a track to the end and then stops. Display shows the stopped track all efforts to restart from ipad are unsuccessful
  2. The playlist is playing fine You pause the track for some time. On starting again no response.
    Only choice which works to restart the playing is to switch of the DCS unit or the synology nas and restart again.

Please advice solution.

These are well knowned issues off both dCS streamers.
They(I also) hope for a solution in the next couple of weeks.
There will be a firmware update (and MQA).

before we used roon and it went well and there was never any problem at all. After we made the app update we started experiencing this, we updated the roon in version 1.3 biuld 259. where roon can not play music on roon core located in synology nas.

before renewal works well, playing music from ipad and synology directly work. do i need to do renewal or maybe there is a better solution.

I’ve made a configure change for synology
enter the control panel synology and enter the menu hardware & power fox configuration in the Hibernation HDD tab seen initial setup time 1 hour and check box “enable advanced HDD Hibernation”

and I change to time none. after a change of system goes well.

whether this change is good please to provide feedback and suggestions