Issues using ROON with RME BABYFACE PRO

Windows 10 Roon Remote
OS X Roon Core

No network issues.

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RME Babyface Pro

Description Of Issue

I use a Chord mojo to listen to Roon at work and it works great.

When I am home, I use an RME Babyface Pro sound interface, which is another professional interface

Roon can not see the RME babyface in available devices. Is this due to ASIO? How can I use my soundcard at home with roon?

Hello @Michael_Belanger,

Check that you have disabled the Windows Firewall on your computer:


Hi there,

Yes, the windows firewall and any sort of other firewall software has been disabled or is not in use during this instance.

I believe the issue may be due to RME’s unique usage of driver and software submixing/routing… Since it doesn’t show up as a usable sound card in my OS but it does through ASIO and any software which tries to find it.

Hi @Michael_Belanger,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio tab?

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be putting on my dunce cap and sitting in the corner… My firewall had been turned on somehow even though I always have it disabled at home

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Hi @Michael_Belanger,

Glad to hear that you located the source of the issue, hope you have an enjoyable Roon experience!