Issues with connection with Roon Arc

Roon Core Machine

Apple MacMini M1 16gb RAM - latest iOS update

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien mesh - fiber 500 mb down/up

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H590 connected with ethernet to Mesh point

Number of Tracks in Library

48 tracks (early stage, but hoping to increase if things will work out)

Description of Issue

I have used an old MacBook Pro (early 2013) and I have had some stability issues with regard to ARC. The port keeps changing although I have locked the IP address to this machine. I need to reset it quite often and have to check each morning before I leave the house, so decided to start fresh with an Apple Mac Mini M1 to only work as Roon Server.

I have setup RoonServer on the Mac Mini and uploaded a recent backup, but I am on an early-access program and the RoonServer downloaded from RoonLabs is without, so think this is giving me some issues

How do I get the RoonServer to be the same as my Roon ARC / Roon software?

Alternatively, how do I drop out from early access? Feel with my internal issues I am not in a position to also test the roon software with its child issues when I do not know if my system or Roon’s issue…

Feedback would be appreciated - thanks

Best Regards/Nicolai

Leaving EA is described in the same place where joining it is described:

As for the changing port, where is it changing? In the Roon ARC settings in your Roon remote, i.e., does Roon show a different port there all the time? Or is it changing on your router?

Also, all the Roon parts (server, Roon app, mobile remotes) should be in the same channel, earlyaccess or production.

Download links are here:

Looks like Roon keep changing it from 50000 and then 50002.

Initially i thought it was due to the Mac got new IP addresses so have changed this in the router to be static ip and open 50000 on that IP address. I was hoping that would solve it, but I still have the same issue

Thank you - I will try to get the early access downloaded as RoonServer as well on my Mac Mini

Many people have seen the port change but I don’t know if it was ever figured why and how. See the existing threads:

Mine stayed at 50000 since day one, whenever I looked. (But I use UPnP so probably wouldn’t notice if it intermittently changed)

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Got earlyaccess on roon core as well and since then all been good so far!

Thanks for your help!

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