Issues with Daily mixes not being mixes

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@supoort The new daily mixes are not really mixes for a lot of them with so many repeats it’s not funny. You can see two here in this post for the new build thread.

How do your mixes look today?

Mixed bag another not varied one and missing the primary artist it’s based.on.

Also have Celeste based mix it’s varied but no Celeste in it at all

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Same again today half the mixes are not really mixes at.all. also nothing showed up at all the feature had disappeared forced a rsesync with Qobuz and it appeared again.

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So it works just like radio then? /s

Worse than radio and equal to NRFY.

Hello @CrystalGipsy

Thank you for updating us on what you’re seeing. This data is extremely helpful to us. Please continue to share any Mix inconsistencies you see in this thread such as Mixes that lack content by the titled artist, or mixes that are of varied song length. We appreciate your effort here. :pray:

I will it’s currently 3 out of the 5 mixes end up being like this so far.

And again this morning mixes are missing completely. This time can’t seem to get them back. 7.41 GMT

Today morning, my Daily Mixes finally appeared on all remote controls. 5 out 6 mixes look fine to me, but in one of them I am seeing the same behavior as above. All songs are from the same artist and album. What is interesting is that the headline of the mix mentions artists (e.g. Flesch Quartet) that are not showing up in the actual playlist:

I get a lot of repeat artists, and tracks from the same album. Sometimes I get very odd choices, for example Don McLean “American Pie” in a Hot Chocolate mix, very out of step with all the rest of the R&B choices.

It has finally returned this morning. Mixes are mixes this time. However still a lot of repeated artists and some odd choices the ti would not out in the same playlist. Cocteau Twins mix should not really feature the Smiths or Sonic Youth. I like both but they really don’t fit.

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