Issues with how TIDAL playlists are handled in control app

I’m using the latest Android version of the Roon App, and have a few issues:

  1. The cover art is different from the one displayed in the Tidal app for playlists created by Tidal. Could we not have the same cover art as provided by Tidal? It’s a really odd user experience in my mind.

  2. Adding a track to a tidal playlist: is this even possible in Roon? I select a track, add to playlist, and all I see in the software is “create playlist”. I’d expect to see a list of my existing created Tidal playlists. Maybe this is just me.

  3. Album ordering in my favourites section of Tidal: (a bit off topic perhaps): I’d love to see the default “added to my music date” ordering that you see in the Tidal app, rather than the alphabetic ordering that is present in the Roon control app. Is there an option to do this that I’ve missed?