Issues with Integra DRX-5.4 and Downsampling ethernet stream

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini (M1 2020) with 16GB RAM, 2 TB Hard drive, running Monterey 12.4

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet to connect to an Integra DRX-5.4.

Connected Audio Devices

Utilizing AirPlay to stream to a Integra DRX-5.4 AVR.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

  1. I have purchased some 24 bit 48 kHz, 96 kHz music but they keep getting squashed to 44.1 kHz and 16 bit by the time they are playing.
    I have had no real help from the tech at Integra. He’s trying to push me into using ChromeCast. We don’t want to use ChromeCast or any other Google or Microsoft software, thank you very little, Integra.

  2. We are using the Integra’s Zone 2 to send signal to a Pyle (PSLSW6) six zone distribution unit. We get audio in the rooms we want, but we cannot change the volume with our IOS devices. It only adjusts the main volume of the Integra, not Zone 2! We cannot figure out why.

I have been over all of the dizzying settings of both units and I feel like I am missing something simple. Will you folks please help us out? We appreciate any input or suggestions you may have.

Thank you,

Airplay is limited to 44khz 16 bit.
Are you trying to control zone 2 through roon or just via an iOS app?

Thanks for the info, Ged. We are trying to control the Integra’s Zone 2 (not Roon’s Zones) via Roon. It adjusts the main volume but not the zones. Any advice will be helpful.

I hope Roon will be AirPlay 2 compatible in the future and that will allow for the higher res files to play through.


Roon won’t do airplay 2 in future.
No idea about the zone, what does your settings audio in roon look like? Screenshots would help.
Unless multiple zones show there roon doesn’t know about them and won’t control them.