Issues with iPad and iPeng - not playing

Roon remote in iPad and iPend no longer working since latest iOs and Roon updates. Anyone else having issues with the Roon remote? Roon core seems to be working fine and plays on the Mac Mini which has the core, just the iPad remote not playing.

@Turtle_Rustler, can you please explaine in details what exactly is happening ?

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No issues here, using iPad as remote I don’t use ipeng on it though.

No issues here either, using iPad mini4 as remote.

Before the recent iOs and Roon updates my Roon Remote on iPad was working fine and I could also use iPeng as an audio source in Roon. Since the updates these things no longer work. iPeng is not identified by the Roon Core as a available audio end point. The ios app on iPad can no longer play a track, you select a song to play and it just hangs and then skips through all the songs on the album. The Roon Core on a Mac Mini seems to be working and fine and can play music through the Mac Mini.
I have updated deleted and installed the iPad Roon remote app and the iPeng app, that made no difference.Tonight I will try re starting the router and see if that helps, maybe it is a network issue?

FWIW, I have a very similar setup — Roon Server on mid-2011 Mac mini, Roon remote and iPeng on 9.5” iPad, latest versions of MacOS, iOS, and Roon — and everything’s working pretty well.

Since the most recent iOS updates, I have seen iPeng crash on launch a number of times, but it always launches successfully after 1–2 attempts and then it works as expected. (Just tried it now — first time since installing Roon Build 269 on the iPad — and iPeng launched without incident.)

OK, I got the iPad Roon remote working, that was a network issue. But now Roon doesn’t recognise iPeng as a Squeezebox audio zone. Anyone know how I can reconnect iPeng to Roon?