Issues with multi-CD compilations

What is the best way to get multi-CD compilations recognized correctly? It seems to be completely random from my experience.

My current scenario is the below:

A 2-CD compilation ripped myself from CD using EAC, tagged correctly - each CD was ripped as part of a set so each disc starts with the appropriate disc number prior to the track number (e.g. 1.01 , 2.01)

The CD is ripped within a main folder named “Various Artists - Compilation Name”, within this are subfolders CD1 and CD2 with the appropriate tracks.

Roon seems to recognise the metadata and it all looks nice, but only 1 CD is recognised with no option to add another.

I’ve also tried moving all tracks into the same top-level folder, and also creating 2 separate top-level folders for each individal CD (e.g. “Various Artists - Compilation Name CD1”). All with the same results.

It’s driving me a little bonkers. I’ve had this with a few other CDs, and it makes having compilations in your library a bit of a headache.

Try to follow the guides:

Maybe a metadata issue. Sometimes only the data for the first disc is present. You can check at and

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Thanks for the links - I had previously tried all the folder structure suggestions in the FAQ but none worked. In the end, the only way I could get the second CD recognised was to place all tracks from both CDs into a single folder and letting Roon scan - this would pick up the 1st CD only with the 2nd CD not being in my library at all. I then manually dragged the 2nd CDs files into Roon to manually force inclusion into my library, now both discs are nested under the same compilation release.

The compilation was recognised as 2CDs in both Musicbrainz and Allmusic, and the 2nd CD tracks were shown when I went to “Identify album”, just with no local files linked to them, so it was all a little odd - at least I seem to have a workaround if it reoccurs.

Thanks for your reply.

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