Issues with remote app on iPhone, iPad etc

Core Machine
Windows 10 64bit / Intel Core i9@3.6 GHz 64Gb RAM / Roon 1.7 (build 610)

Network Details
Xfinity XB6-T modem / Main core and audio on my living room both Ethernet connected

Audio Devices
Living Room setup - Ethernet connected Raspberry Pi with ropieee (20200906) - USB iFi nano iDSD black to ONKYO 9050 and KEF LS50

Description Of Issue
After a router change from the Xfinity guys, I had to reinstall Roon from scratch on my main core since it wasn’t starting up at all. That was solved after some minor effort and I blamed it on Windows.

Almost everything is working properly now, except for the fact that neither my iPhone (XS) or an iPad (Air 2) I sometimes use or even an Onkyo DP-X1A I tested to see if it was an Android or an Apple thing, none of them can seem to find the Roon Core.

I did a hard reset on the modem and went back to factory settings and still nothing. What can I do?

Solved! Went to my firewall and added Roon to outbound and inbound connections. That did the trick!

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Hi @Rodik,

Thanks for letting us know the firewall was the issue!
If you run into any other difficulties, just let us know!

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