Issues with Storage Automatic Scans

Hello, is there a solution to this problem? I am experiencing the same as other users.
I have ROCK running in a NUCi5 (8th Gen, OS version 1.0-build 174) with 16GB RAM-250GB sad and my library in a Synology DS 918+.
Everything is connected through a Cisco unmannaged switch (SG110D05NA).
When I add new music to the NAS Roon does not add it automaticaly, I have to force a rescan, which is annoying. Did not use to be this way.
If have tried restarting (NUC,NAS, switch), but no changes.
Your help with this is appreciated.

Hi @Xavier_Pinto,

What is your re-scan interval configured for that storage location? You can manually set a shorter rescan period in Settings -> Storage -> 3-dot dropdown menu -> Edit -> Automatic Rescan Interval, does that help with this issue?

I should mention that NAS watched locations are a bit trickier, since they do not always report file changes to Roon in real-time. More information regarding this behavior can be found here but I am hoping that the automatic rescan interval will help.

Hi, I tried changing it to 1hr, but did not notice any changes. I don’t know what has changed, I am running the same NAS and before it used to work.

Hi @Xavier_Pinto,

As a test, if you use a USB storage device and add a track, are you seeing the same behavior?

Around the time you started experiencing this issue was there any change to your networking setup?

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