Issues with streaming to Apple TVs are back :(

Firstly, having subscribed to TIDAL, Roon and Apple Music, I can see that Roon UI is SO much better than all the rest. Congratulations! Please sell out to Apple or something - they need you!!

Now the slightly less good news - AirPlay issues are back. I’m running 1.1 V70 and I cannot reliably stream music to AppleTV devices, even though they are all (effectively, via ethernet-over-power devices) on the LAN. I can usually get through 1-3 songs before the audio stops, and takes a lot of coaxing to restart - sometimes I have to restart the Roon server; other times flipping between pause and play a few times is enough. It feels like the “iTunes stealing the AirPlay channels even when inactive” issue is back, to be honest. Do you guys still run iTunes now? :slight_smile:
This was most embarrassing at my 50th birthday party last month when I had the perfect Back to The Future soundtrack lined up - but I couldn’t play it reliably so had to go back to iTunes. Sorry. But my wife redeemed the evening by getting a real DeLorean to turn up. With a flux capacitor installed. But I digress …

p.s. I’m also finding when I come home my Roon server is running hot hot hot and Roon is sitting there at 120% cpu, but not visibly doing very much

p.p.s thanks for the “play from here” option. I use it ALL THE TIME :smile:

why oh why oh why would anyone wish this


that bit was a joke (mostly!)

fwiw I have an aTV (hardwired LAN), either 2nd or 3rd gen (probably 3rd), and it works every time.

Just sent you some instructions for sending logs over Paul – take a look and we’ll talk once we’ve given them a look over.

Sorry for the trouble!

First of all, Merry Christmas.
Secondly, it seems release 88 cannot find my Apple TV Mk 3, even though iTunes on the same Mac (a brand new Mac Mini) can see it fine. It just doesn’t appear in the device list. Apple TV2s and Airport Expresses appear fine. I’ve checked the settings on the ATV3, and nothing has changed since when it was working, apart from the Roon update. It’s connected via ethernet-over-power. I’ve looked at the Roon logs and there is no mention of the device - it is as if it just doesn’t exist.Please help! I’ve had to go back to Apple Music for my Christmas cheer!

Paul - was that a working flux capacitor?

I gather there haven’t been any made since 1985, and getting replacement parts is nearly impossible these days. :slight_smile: