It was great while it lasted - meaning the sound USED to be great

I bought a Nucleus and dCS Enet-AES/EBU bridge 3 weeks ago, Loved the sound: incredible depth and intimacy, warmth, it was totally engaging. Along comes v 1.8. the sound is flat, lifeless and to be straight - clinical, the magic is gone. Nothing else changed in this system (Magico S7 w/mPod feet, Magico Subs, Berkeley Ref 3 DAC, Rowland 925 monoblocks, Rowland Corus pre, Synology DS1918+ 80TB NAS x 2 (mirrored), all Cardas Clear Beyond interconnects, Shunyata - Sigma power, Triton, Tyfon, enet cables,etc in a carefully damped and acoustically tuned listening room. Back to JRiver (ick) on my Baetis Reference server I guess ? Shame on you guys !

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