Roon 1.8 sound quality change?

Anyone notice any sound quality change with 1.8? I swear things are a tad thinner sounding to me, a bit less mid bloom on down, but if nobody else hears any difference I’m fine to chalk it up to audio nervosa or whatever else. I double checked my settings, everything looks to be the same.

EDIT/UPDATE: Up through 1.8, I was using ‘experimental mode’ (uses the Squeezebox engine) on my Innuos Zen mk 3 server to run Roon core. On 1.7 and below, this mode sounded significantly better than ‘regular’ core mode. On a whim I changed back over to ‘regular’ mode and I swear things sound better than they do in experimental mode. This is notable because before 1.8, experimental mode was noticeably better. Not anymore. Interesting.


I can’t imagine there being a change… do you like 1.8? For me, I like it… so if I had to choose, I think it sounds better. LOL.


If the consensus is no change, I’m totally fine with that and would then assume it’s just me. Here’s something… I have an Innous Zen Mk 3 using as Roon core. I was using ‘experimental mode’ which used Squeezebox engine and sounded better up through 1.7. Just tried switching over to normal mode and I think something changed – normal seems to sound better. Now I’m wondering

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The only possibility of Sound quality change would be if the CPU demand, RAM usage etc. would be different. This could be the case, though the difference between 1.7 and 1.8 might be very small - if it’s hearable at all.

I guess more impact has the time of the day you are listening to your setup - causing the power supply to be different.

YES - increased by 7,43%


It was a clear change in SQ in my setup. I listened well known tracks on 1.7 and right after the update to 1.8 without changing any settings. First impression is that the quality of sound has overly increased - better resolution, better 3d imaging and clarity. And what I noticed immediately - midrange was better pronounced. It would be great to get back to 1.7 for further comparison and more thorough observation through different settings but not sure if it is possible. Nevertheless, the 1.8 sounds better to me at a glance so I have no regrets.


I’m kind of noticing that too. But only reverting back to ‘Core only’ mode on the Innuos. Before, ‘experimental mode’ sounded better. Very interesting to me if Roon changed the underlying architecture in a way that affected that

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I also noticed a sound quality update. For me it sounds better in 1.8 version over the 1.7 version.


I read somewhere in release description that Roon performed some code optimization for audio, so they changed some things there.


I can’t tell if these are troll posts or not :rofl:


Mine is not.

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As long as it’s sounding better to you guys in 1.8 then everyone is happy I guess.

Hi! I cant hear any difference. But I think the 1.8 is wonderful.
But I miss the “Focus on mqa” on my iPad remote

It’s in the column called “Other” in the focus panel.

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Thank you :blush:

Nope, genuinely curious and great to know.

I also think there has been an uptick


Using a Zenith Mk II SE, I too have found the experimental mode sounds less good than ‘core only’, though need to do more testing.


I confirm the same feeling with an improvement in sound quality.


They are, right?
Otherwise the drugs these people use must be really good.