Itunes? - Frequent unrequested re-scanning of a few tracks block library access [Resolved]

I have been experience an intermittent, but reoccurring problem. When i start a new listening session, like in the AM, the Roon App (ipad) and Core, will often show a spinning wheel (upper right) indicating a rescan - one that i have not initiated. The rescan is of anywhere between 40 and 500 tracks, despite no new tracks being added overnight.

The rescan inhibits functionality of Roon - play is interrupted, libraries disappear and reappear… I can often fix by restarting Roon on the PC and then on the ipad controller. That works better than letting it run its course, which mostly doesn’t seem to really resolve the situation.

More details:

  • When this happens, it is ONLY the itunes library that is affected (one of four folders Roon is watching). That is, the iTunes library has around 5000 albums, and during the rescan, these 5000 albums disappear and reappear. When they go, and if i am listening to one, Roon stops playing and then restarts when the library reappears -5-8 seconds later.
  • Itunes configuration (Win10): I have my XML library file in the C:\Music folder as normal and have my media on an external HDD.
  • In Roon, my Music folder is not “on” but the iTunes folder is “on” via Roon 1.2. This is displayed at the bottom of the Storage page.
  • This AM, in Roon/Storage, i turned “on” the Music folder and restarted Roon, but that didn’t seem to make any difference.

Can anyone see the issue? As for a fix, i do use the iTunes library and its playlists. I read about copying the XML files over to the Folder on the HDD were the itunes media is stored. I am open to trying this but worry about a) confusing itunes and b) not seeing updates when new tracks are added to itunes, and c) fear losing all the custom metadate imposed on many itunes albums.

I would be grateful for advice and support. :pray:

Not much attention to this query. :thinking: Perhaps iTunes specialists will join in since the issue is somehow connected to iTunes step-up.

Hi @hshrader —— Thank you for the report and my apologies for the slow response here. 1.3 includes a new and improved way to integrate with iTunes that’s a major improvement over our previous iTunes functionality, and which should resolve the issues you’re describing. . Our knowledge base has good documentation on the changes, and options associated with the new functionality. .

Moving forward, before anything be sure to make a [back up] ( of your iTunes library and your Roon library just to be safe :wink: I would also strongly recommend disabling the older “1.2 integration” before you do anything (as opposed to removing it) since that functionality is “grandfathered” into your install, and there’s no way to get the older implementation back if you remove it.

Using the new iTunes functionality, there’s no need to worry about new music not showing up in Roon as the software will pick up anything that is added to a folder that is being watched. However, to get your playlists, your iTunes XML will need to be in the same folder as the media.

The documentation I linked above sets out a few methods for ensuring your iTunes XML is stored with your media. If you rarely update your iTunes playlists, you can go with Option 1, and just copy over the XML if you make changes to your playlists in the future you want to sync with Roon – again, any content you add to your folder will show up like any other watched folder.

If you want your playlists to update automatically with Roon, you can follow option 2, and copy your iTunes library over to the folder where your media is stored. The Apple support doc linked there will help you point iTunes at the new location, and you should be good to go.

Again, the goal of both methods is to get the XML into the same folder as your media. Option 1 will make a copy of your XML, leaving your iTunes as is but requiring you to copy the XML over if you want to update your playlists. Option 2 will change the location of your iTunes library info, but since you’re making a copy, the change should be harmless and easily reversed.

If you have any questions, let us know. We made this change to address the issues you’re describing, so just know that once we’re through the “migration”, you should be all set.


Hi @Eric - Many thanks for recognizing that there is likely an issue with the older 1.2 integration. The behavior was intermittent and bothersome and i am glad to know it is likely not a one-off and, more importantly, fixable.

As for the solution, thank you for providing a little extra info. than is contained in your knowledge base write up. The key takeaways for me are:

  • Option 1: I only need to copy the C:\Music\itunes…xml file to the G:\Itunesmedia\Music folder AND point Roon to that folder. With this option, i need to manually update playlists by moving the old file out and adding the new file in (can i simple add the new file in?). Otherwise, all functionality of iTunes remains the same (for the family) and Roon performance should be improved.

  • Option 2: I copy the C:\Music\Itunes folder to G:\itunesmedia, Point Roon to that folder, and restart itunes (win10) in the prescribed manner to have it prompt the question if i want to Create Library or Choose Library. Please confirm that i want to Choose Library and i point it to the folder that is now in G:\itunesmedia. With this option, itunes will run normally but will focus on the library folder in G:\ and playlists will update as normal.

In either option i assume it is better to have Roon and iTunes closed while moving the files/folders about.

Sorry for the level of detail here, but i want to make sure i am following correctly. I’d appreciate if you could take one fast look to confirm that I got it right or have not missed something.


Hi @hshrader ---- I took a look over what you have posted and your conceptualization of the procedure(s) is correct :thumbsup:

Before starting the migration, the key things to remember are:

  • Disabling the older “1.2 integration”, not removing it.

  • Closing down both Roon and iTunes before moving anything around.

  • Making sure you have a back of your iTunes library.

  • For good measure, I would also make a back up of your roon DB as well :wink:

Let me know how it goes!

Hi @Eric,

Option A worked fine.

A couple of observations for others going down this route -

  • The move of the xml file will require Roon to reenter the iTunes albums. This will mean your most recent will no longer be your most recent. Eric - i had 60 or so that were most recent that i was looking at regularly. Any thoughts on how i could bring them forward?

  • The itunes playlists didn’t appear immediately in Roon. I turned on /off itunes and Roon after the change before they appeared.

Otherwise - smooth sailing.

Keep in mind that in 1.2 Roon wasn’t scanning a directory, it was simply reading a list of files from iTunes and importing only those files.

Now that you’ve moved over to the new implementation, Roon is scanning a directory (like any other directory) and then using the iTunes database to generate the playlists.

So, the question with regards to these new albums is, are you sure they were in your iTunes library? Is it possible they were in the folder, but not in the iTunes XML?

My mistake - the most recent are still the most recent. I did see a number of new albums added, but i think it is a blip - either they weren’t pick up in the previous configuration or my daughter added a big bunch when i was not looking. :slight_smile:

In any case, i am satisfied all worked according to plan. And again, thanks for the help and attention!

10 DAYS LATER: I have not had a single scanning issue since making the change.