iTunes Playlist Problem - Have Gone Through ALL Support Threads

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus - 1.6 - Build 401

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ubiquiti USG/24 Port POE Switch - Nucleus is hardwired

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Nativ (Ethernet) and Mac (WiFi) for sources - Meridian 218s and 251s for output.

Description Of Issue

I cannot for the life of me get my playlists to import from iTunes. I’ve gone through all sharing settings, made sure the XML was in the folder I’m importing songs from, and double checked everything mentioned in every existing support thread for this issue. I’m out of ideas. Please help!

Hi @James_Hill,

Can you please share some Screenshots of the folder structure? Have you made sure to enable iTunes sharing for that location in Roon Settings -> Storage -> Edit next to watched folder -> Import iTunes Playlists? Have you followed all of the instructions from our iTunes Setup Guide? Is the .XML at the root of your media folder?


Just a wild stab: if you are trying to import/read iTunes’ ‘smart playlists’, I don’t think that’s possible. You have to first create an equivalent “dumb” playlist.

Also, make sure the button Shared Playlists is turned on.

Perhaps this helps.

Hi, guys!

Thank you for the responses. I can try to get some screenshots of the folder structure when I get back into town. ITunes playlist sharing is enabled in the Nucleus’s settings. I’ve gone through the iTunes setup guide several times and have everything set up accordingly, I believe. The .XML file is in the folder I have selected for the media folder. However, I noticed the XML file was grayed out when I viewed the watched media folder in the Nucleus’s settings. I have the entire iTunes folder selected as the watched folder. It includes the music library and .XML file, though the XML is grayed out. Is that normal?
Also, I’m only trying to import the normal playlists, not the smart ones. The Shared Playlists button is turned on.

Thank you for your time!

Hi @James_Hill,

Thanks for letting us know that info. I think a few screenshots would help with troubleshooting the issue and possibly also the XML file itself. If you can upload this to Google Drive/Dropbox/Firefox Send I can take a look and see if it matches the folder structure you have in your upcoming screenshots.

– Noris

Attached are some screenshots. I’ll try and get the XML file uploaded.

I just uploaded the .XML to a google drive :slight_smile:

Hi @James_Hill,

Glad to hear you uploaded the .XML, would you mind sharing the link? :slight_smile:

– Noris

Hello @James_Hill,

Thanks for sending that link but it appears that I can’t access it. Can you turn on “Sharing via Link” by using these instructions? Under Share a single item using a link:

This is so that if I need to forward the playlist to QA they also have access.


Alrighty, I just turned link sharing on. Here it is again, in case it needs a new link:

Did that link work for you?

Hi @James_Hill,

Thanks for sending that new link over, I think I see the issue here. In the first item of your XML listing, it references the location file:///Users/jameswhill%201/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/ but it appears that the folder that the media is saved in is ``\\Music` according to your Roon screenshot.

This may be causing a mismatch for the location of the media files since Roon is looking for Users/jameswhill%201 before referencing those subfolders but instead it find the Music folder directly. What is the exact path for one of these tracks in your Roon library? For example if you search for Beethoven’s 5th - 1-Allegro Con Brio - AAC - Symphony No. 5 (Disc 4), can you share a screenshot of the File Path info?

You can access the file path info by locating that track -> right clicking it -> pressing the 3-dot menu near the top -> View File Info. There it will display the file path location:

– Noris

Here you go!

Thank you again for your time.

Oddly enough, I just rebooted my network switch and my playlists popped up. I haven’t changed a setting in Roon or iTunes in a couple of days. Weird. Anyhow, thank you so much for your help!

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