iTunes Playlists not importing & issues with album art


My Mac:
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014), 3,5 GHz Intel Core i5,
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB

iTunes library is on an external Lacie hard drive (1.5 Gigs)
Roon: latest version

I have 3 problems:

(i) I cannot import iTunes playlists - I will check this blog to see if I can get sorted out;
(ii) some files do not show their cover art (although perfectly apparent in iTunes) - have tried to change pictures but I still get a grey blank;
(iii) when playing back several albums in sequence, the album cover does not switch to show the new album actually being played.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Alexander Barabant

Hello @alexander_brabant,

I have split your post into a new topic as to better assist here. Can you please let me know if you have been able to import your iTunes playlist using the instructions on the previous thread or are you still running into issues?

For the cover art being blank and album covers not switching properly with new tracks, can you please provide some screenshots of examples for this behavior?



Regarding the import of playlists from iTunes, I’m working on it but seems ton be a real issue.

Regarding the cover art, here are screenshots of Roon and iTunes showing the song “baddiel & skinner & lightning seeds - three lions”. The cover art does not appear in Roon - there are a few cases like this.

With regard to album covers that do not switch properly with new tracks, here is another screenshot. Jacques Louissier came on after “The best of barbara dennelien”, and the cover art did not change.

Kind regards

Hello again.

Playlist import issue solved (it was simple!).

The issue remains with album art.

In this case, the album CAB (from Tony MacAlpine, Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers) appears in Roon with a different cover art than the one that I tagged in iTunes.

See screenshots:

Another bizarre occurrence is that a ripped that CD a second time (by mistake) - so it appears twice in iTunes, but the new CD does not appear in Roon.

Thank you for your help.

PS - in terms of my setup, I forgot to mention that my Roon is driving HQPlayer.

Kind regards,

Go to the album.and see if there is a versions tab, the second rip may be in there.
Art problem, look in the folder for one of the albums and see if there are any JPGs in there.

Hello @alexander_brabant,

It is possible that the album cover you posted a screenshot of is the one that Roon has retrieved from our metadata services. You can manually set the cover art for your album in Roon’s Album Editor by Right-clicking the album -> Press the 3-dot dropdown menu near the top -> Edit -> Edit Album -> Add Album Artwork. This page should look like this:

As for the album that is not showing up, can you please check Roon Settings -> Library -> Skipped Files and see if it is listed there by any chance? Is the folder that you have saved the newly ripped album in part of your Watched Folders in Roon -> Storage? Please let me know.


Also, in the screenshot above, where it shows Baby Face - Seven Seas, your File Tags may have the wrong Artist for this track. ie. Baby Face vs Babyface.

Seven Seas should be part of the album The Day from Babyface, which does have album art.

Can you check the album The Day and see if the track, Seven Seas (Track #7) is missing? If it is, you can select the Album The Day and Seven Seas and Merge Albums.

That’s just one example.

Cheers, Greg

To all, thank you for your help. I’ve solved most of the issues.

The only one that remains is the fact that cover art does not change with each song change (assuming a different album of course).

Is there a fix for that?

Kind regards,

Hello @alexander_brabant,

Glad to hear that most of the issues have been resolved! Where exactly are you looking for the cover to change?

In you previous screenshot I noticed that you opened the cover art for that specific album:

If you navigate to your Roon Queue the album covers will change there, or if you optionally elect to have a chromecast device set as your Roon Now Playing Display the cover art will change there.

Please let me know if this explanation helps!


Hello Noris,

My problem is when I am displaying full cover art like this (i.e. full screen mode):

… and I am running one of my playlists (which typically means playing songs from different albums/artists).

I like this mode because it reminds me of the “cover art” mode of the iTunes player (back in the day).

It would be nice if, when a new song is played, the album cover would change to the new album being played (once again, because the song would be from a different album/artist).

Thanks for your help.


Hello @alexander_brabant,

I believe you have selected the Album Cover and not the Now Playing Fullscreen Mode here. You can select the Now Playing which have the covers update automatically by doing the following:

Navigating to your queue:

Then click the “square” button on the right-hand side of the queue tab:

This reveals the “Now Playing” Tab where the covers should automatically update:


Hi guys new here, just want to say thanks, its very easy fix issus with the whole community support :wink:

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