iTunes Playlists Not Updating in Roon; iTunes Library XML file missing and not regenerating

(Warren Shaw) #1

iMac Pro-10.14.6; Roon Nucleus Plus; Roon build number 1.6


Pakedge RK-1 gigabit router; fiber connections to all switches in home; Pakedge gigabit switches; Ethernet connection is primary connection


iMac Pro connected to Synology Share on NAS via Ethernet; Roon Core on Nucleus Plus; iTunes full database on Synology Share with backup on desktop thunderbolt 3 drives


Discovered that iTunes playlists are not updating my playlists in Roon. Followed Roon help topic article on iTunes. Confirmed iTunes library fully copied to Synology NAS including the iTunes media folder which is the source. Discovered missing iTunes XML file in both the Synology NAS iTunes folder and the backup desktop drive. Could not get XML file to regenerate after unchecking and checking Share iTunes XML with other applications in the Advanced tab. Tried re-build of iTunes database in iTunes which did not correct the issue. Tried to download a new version of iTunes for installation but the latest version on Apple’s website is not compatible with OS 10.14.6. What options do I have now other than waiting for Catalina. Roon is operating well in all other respects.


(Dylan Caudill) #2

Hi @Warren_Shaw,

When you generate the XML file, it will put it in the iTunes library directory. By default on Mac, this is ~/Music/iTunes/. This could be different, though, if you’ve moved your library to a different location. Just to confirm, you’re not seeing this XML file in the default location?

(Warren Shaw) #4

Thanks for replying. In the default location on the Mac you mentioned, I am only seeing iTunes Library.itl. Not …XML.

(Warren Shaw) #5

And I am not seeing the XML file in the new location on the NAS either.

(Dylan Caudill) #6

Hi @Warren_Shaw,

Just to verify, the playlists were previously visible in Roon, correct? Where was the XML file located at that time?

Can you share a screenshot of the advanced preferences screen in iTunes?

(Warren Shaw) #7

Hi, The playlists are in Roon now. They simply have not been updated recently. That includes any changes in iTunes playlists.

(Dylan Caudill) #8

Hi @Warren_Shaw,

Just to confirm, you don’t see the XML file if you go to /Volumes/Shared/iTunes?

(Warren Shaw) #9

HI, Yes, that is correct.

(Warren Shaw) #10

And for some reason it is not being regenerated by iTunes.

(Warren Shaw) #11

I do have three options I am aware of: 1) copy and transfer an XML file from my MacBook Pro running the same version of iTunes, 2) wait for the next iTunes update, 3) wait for Catalina. I cannot download the current iTunes version of Apple because it is not compatible with 10.14.6.

(Dylan Caudill) #12

Hi @Warren_Shaw,

Since iTunes isn’t generating the XML file at all, the best option is going to be to reach out to Apple directly about this issue. Unfortunately, without that file generating, Roon isn’t able to see any of the iTunes data.

We took a look at some forum threads on other sites where people are experiencing the same issue, but unfortunately we weren’t able to find any solutions, so Apple is going to be your best bet for getting this resolved.

(Warren Shaw) #13

Wil do. Thank you the advice and the input!

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