iTunes unparseable xml error in Roon Server (Linux)[Ticket in]

Enjoying playing with Roon. I’m on a 14 day trial so keen to get my issue looked at before committing to the lifetime purchase.

Using Roon Server Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).
My iTunes folder sits on a NAS which of course opens fine in iTunes on OS X. It even works fine if I run Roon Server on the Mac and add the iTunes folder. However if I use Roon Server on Linux and point it to my iTunes folder it bombs out.

Looking at the log file RoonServer_log.txt output on adding the iTunes folder I see the following error:

05/25 22:42:27 Warn: [storage/itunes] unparseable xml: /Volumes/leon/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml
05/25 22:42:27 Error: System.EntryPointNotFoundException: strnstr at (wrapper managed-to-native) Sooloos.Storage.ITunesUtils:strnstr (intptr,intptr,uintptr) at Sooloos.Storage.ITunesUtils.strnstr (IntPtr haystack, UInt64 haystack_len, IntPtr needle, UInt64 needle_len) [0x00000] in /home/roon/roon/Storage/storage_itunes.cs:1520

Full trace:

Share is mounted to the exact same path as on OS X (Volumes/leon/Music/iTunes) so at a loss as to why it works on Roon Server OS X but not Roon Server Linux.

I’ve seen this before – sounds like a bug. @Brian? @Mike?

You may be happier by just mapping your iTunes music directory as a watched folder instead of using the XML. You will lose any iTunes playlists though.

Thanks. Setting it up as a watched folder works fine, just be cool to have it as an iTunes folder since I have a lot of playlists.

@vova, this is probably straightforward to fix. Lets get this tracked + in a ticket.

I wonder if there’s a good tool for dumping out .m3u playlists from the itunes xml…personally, I’d rather live that way than use Roon’s iTunes watching.

Seems an independent exporter already exists:

@brian do I create the ticket somewhere or do Roon staff?

Hi Roy,

Vova will put a ticket into Roon’s internal bug database.

Yup, thanks. Will do.


Rough ETA on this issue? Using Roon on Linux but might need to switch Roon on Mac if this bug will be a while to fix,


Hi @Leon_Roy----Sorry for the delay. I wanted to follow up with you regarding your inquiry. A support ticket has been opened to track this issue and ensure it gets looked at by our developers. The ticket references this thread and we will follow up as it moves up in our backlog. While I would expect it to get some attention soon, I don’t have a firm timeline for when this task will be complete.

  • Eric

Saw your changelog for Roon build 147 incorporates a fix for this :smile: Just testing now.

What happens to favourites or star ratings when I remove my iTunes folder as a Watched Folder and add it under iTunes Libraries?