Jazz Groove not working

Hi there,
I have problems to achieve any of the “Jazz Groove” Radio Stations from roon, they are simply not working at all (it worked fine until approx. 1 week ago, when I entered the stream URL in “My Live Radio”). Even the roon radio stations public mix1 and mix2 of jazz groove does not work from Switzerland. Has anyone the same problem?

The Jazz Groove have had major problems themselves over the last few days.
There was a banner across the top of their site announcing that they are working on it.
Mix1 and Mix2 were both playing the same content at the same time on Sunday (usually they are time-slipped for east and west USA).

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JG experienced a major outage last week and they are still working on restoring the streams. I’ve been in contact with them over the weekend and they are expecting all will be back to to normal again by this coming Thurs or before.
I’m a long time subscriber to JG and stream (FLAC) from them most days.

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I also got this advice from JG. Thanks anyway! I just wonder why other radio stations and JG itself (over the Web) have all their stations working and roon does not. Is roon using a device URL for their public JG radio station mix1 & 2?

Not sure. JG is a subscriber service rather than a free public service so there may be issues around the subscriber validation process to access the URL (PLS) stream.

Non-flac Mix1 and 2 working OK now?

Nope. The error message is still: “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”…

Hmm, working for me.

Tried VPN to Switzerland, and played the streams there (directly, not through Roon, but using the same URLs).

Still worked.

Are you using the database versions of the stations?

How can I find out that I am using the database version of the stations? These 2 stations are just the official JG stations which are offered by roon. Normally I have my own stations with a tokenID…

That’s the database version.

Have you tried both streams - aac and mp3? Are other radio stations ok? What’s your core on?

Edit. Hmm, the “mp3” stream is actually an aac.
Are you on a Nas?

Thanks! I have tried both streams with the same behavior. Other radio stations work fine. Even from Argentina (Con Alma the Blues) :grinning: Roon core is running on a QNAP NAS…

I’m suspecting your codecs.
Has something changed recently?
Can you try CJSW (an aac only station) please?

You may wish to peruse this thread…

Can you send me a link? Because I cannot find a JG station right away on CJSW… Sorry, maybe I am to stupid :grinning:

Use the magnifying glass, top right , to search for cjsw.

Apart from your issue, I suspect Jazz Groove has temporarily changed all 4 of its mix 1 and 2 streams to be a single aac. This may explain why you can’t play anymore - last week you were playing the mp3 stream.

Sorry, but in meantime I searched and found a Swiss radio provider which seems to have an aac only access to JG.

This is the link the station uses: http://audio-edge-5bkfj.fra.h.radiomast.io/8a384ff3-6fd1-4e5d-b47d-0cbefeffe8d7?referer=mytuner
Here it works fine! Also in a Browser like FF or chrome (and they change not the URL). If I copy&paste the URL in roon it does not work. Why this?

That link is (after some redirections) the same as Roon is using. You may be using the codecs in the browser, whereas Roon is using those in the NAS.

In the Roon app, use the magnifying glass, you should then be able to play (or not) CJSW.

EDIT. We’re not trying to find a JG link in another station, rather trying to test your NAS codecs with a station which also plays an aac stream.

CJSW is not working on my roon either… :frowning_face:

As I suspected.

Your QNAP Nas doesn’t have aac codecs by default; you have to add them yourself via a file called ffmpeg.

That link I posted above (there are others too on the forum, it is a common problem with QNAP owners) will help you with the necessary changes.

Here’s another link


Now it works again. Thanks so much, you’ve done a great job! I have not noticed this before because I have never used .aac, only .flac files…

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