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I’ve recently added a Lumin U1 Mini and added the flac stations but the streams won’t play without drops and stoppages. I never had that problem with the Bluesound Node2. All streams played without issue. I tend to think this is a Roon issue and not a Jazz Groove or Lumin issue. Does anybody have any luck with another platform? I would really like to get these streams to work.


What’s the status? You haven’t visited us in two weeks, yet we have been monitoring and reporting channel behavior. I, and apparently others, continue to find frequent music stops in Roon. Is there a separate beta operation, or is this it?

Thanks in advance for updating us.

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Crickets? .

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Sad news which is the likely explanation

In Memoriam: Ray White: We’re heartbroken to share the sad news that iconic radio personality Ray White, the adored host of our Jazz Tonight program, passed away yesterday, March 7th.

Sorry to hear about this. You are likely right. March 7th was a couple of days after Paul’s last post.

Gotta say, when that premium tier works on Roon, it does sound fantastic.

Hi Paul,
No interruptions so far and sound is very good but I am not getting any metadata.
When connected to your regular streaming through Roon radio I get most of the metadata.
Am I missing something?

My FLAC streams of Mix 1 & Mix 2 are playing insipid soft jazz - any one else finding this? Neither reflect the recent playlist on the website of any of the streams which may be a location issue.

I’m finding this also, just the last couple of days. Not a change for the better and hopefully transitory. (USA)

I don’t know whether anyone is aware that the Jazzgroove FLAC is now available in PLS format? I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get that to run by adding the link provided in the Jazzgroove/Account/FLAC reference. When I attempt to manually add a new radio link Roon responds with the standard error message in that it is unable to find a station at that location? The Jazzgroove FLAC PLS link also doesn’t run in the browsers I’ve tried. The only successful app that I’ve found that does run the link is by using VLC on Mac OS. Roon does I believe accept PLS links but not this one apparently?

Roon does normally accept .pls links. They are just a short ascii file containing one or more alternative links for the stream. If you paste one in your browser and it doesn’t play it, see if you can select download. This should enable you to see the contents.

If you can’t do this, feel free to PM me the .pls and I’ll take a look (and delete it afterwards).

So I found a way to get the Jazzgroove FLAC PLS link to work with Roon. I’m sure there’s a simpler way to achieve the same result but this worked for me.

  1. Copy the Jazzgroove PLS FLAC text string link into a browser URL (I used Brave Browser) and hit return. It will prompt to save the link as a file (.pls)
  2. Using VLC Media player (Mac OS) open file and point it to the saved PLS file created in the previous step by Brave Browser. It will load the file and play the stream.
  3. In VLC check the preferences to “Show URL” then manually copy the URL into Brave Browser and hit return. That will resolve the PLS link and play the stream with the linked URL from Jazzgroove.
  4. Once the stream is playing, copy the URL and paste into Roon (+Add Station). Roon will then add the station.
    Don’t ask why this works as I have no idea. I found it worked through trial and error and like I said there is bound to be a simpler and more direct method.

By the way, one reason I was keen to get the Jazzgroove PLS format working is that is provides the metadata with the stream which I was really keen to have. It’s nice to be able to know what you’re listening to and be able to fetch the album from Qobuz or Tidal.

An update to my earlier comments. Jazzgroove have worked with their tech support team to update and provide a very simple and straigtforward solution. So it’s now a simple matter of copy and paste. Once you go onto the Jazzgroove website, log into your account and click on the “How To Listen” tab and you will see a drop down list with a Roon section which includes step by step instructions. Or if you’re familiar with the process of setting up a subscriber radio stream on Roon using + Add Station section it’s a simple matter of copying the link provided in Jazzgroove and pasting into the add URL in Roon.

Please be aware that the Jazzgroove Roon solution only works for the .pls option from Jazzgroove so don’t select the Jazzgroove URL option. The .pls option provides all you need with FLAC and metadata (artist/album) which should show on your network streaming device if it has appropriate display capabilities.

Jazzgroove is one of the rare Streams that provides Multichannel material (in Mix 1). That sounds great when listening via AppleTV and SampleS, even thought it is mostly upconverted stuff. Sadly it seems not to work in Roon. I tried the Premium+ PLS link but Roon treats it only as a 2 channel stream. Did I make a mistake? Is there a workaround? Given that there is so little Mch material available, it would be sad for Roon not supporting that jewel.

Jazzgroove’s support confirmed that there is no MCh stream option for Roon. For me, the FLAC stream works not very well, it does in my Raspi-Volumio (both Roon server and the Raspi are connected with Ethernet). The AAC256 stream works with Roon.

Thanks @BrianK for your advice on how to stream The Jazz Groove in PLS format. My network streaming devices now display the medadata. However, my Roon remotes (Iphone, Android tablet and Linux Mint Desktop) no longer provide a live link to the artist/album (a very important feature for how I use Roon). Is anyone else finding this? I appreciate that the live link to, in my case Tidal, requires Tidal to have the artist/album in its catalogue but there is no link for even the most popular artists which do feature in Tidal and/or in my own files. On a positive note, I am encountering far less dropouts.

Yes, this is known. Roon are looking into it.

So, for the time being, the Mch stream from Jazzgroove is a so great, I left Roon dormant for a while. I hope Roon catches up eventually playing these Mch streams too…