Live Radio metadata links no longer working

Playing live radio this evening, I realise that I haven’t been able to click on a single artist or album link for any radio station that I have been listening to. I have a Qobuz subscription and normally 80%+ of all tracks played on Radio Paradise are clickable but this evening, nothing. I’m not sure when this problem started but I’ve got albums that I added to my collection 3 days ago based on links to Radio Paradise tracks that were playing.

I tried restarting the core (and client) but no difference.



Yes, something’s wrong. I’ll inform the devs.

Thank you.

I confirm. None of the 10 stations I’ve tried is showing clickable links.
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

We’re looking into this. Thanks for letting us know!


I now realize how much I enjoy being able to link to albums from internet streams. Any update on progress to resolve?

This and Roon Radio are possibly my favourite features of Roon. The metadata links worked for me briefly yesterday, then stopped again.
Any news?


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I agree. I find that being able listen to (for example) Radio Paradise and thinking “oh, I like this song” and then being able to discover a new artist and add their albums to my library is pretty much the best thing about Roon for me at the moment.

I’m confident that engineering team will get it fixed for the next update but it’s a bit strange that it just suddenly broke. It’s always possible that the fix is not trivial.