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Thanks! This is a great answer. You’ve been very helpful. But, the streams still don’t work, even after they redirect just like you said. I guess it’s time to write an email to support.

LE: The Dreams and Gems work, it’s the rest of the streams that do not work. I’ve sent an email to support.

Perhaps I’m not being clear. You need the non-working redirected streams to identify the regional server that causes the problem for you, and then the service provider can fix it - this is good. If you got the redirect streams that work in browser but don’t work in Roon, this is a worse result and is not helping with solving the problem for you - this is bad.

I got the first case where the redirect url doesnt work in the browser. I sent an email to support and they fixed the streaming issue. All is good now. Thanks for the help.

I am dropping in on JG (free) again, partly prompted by activity in this thread.

These might be more Roon questions than JG specifically:

  • while a song is identified via Metadata and i can click on artists and albums (awesome!!!), songs do not show up in my played or history statistics. It would be nice to be able to go back to history to see a song or artist i liked but forgot to note down when the song played. Even better to add the Tidal equivalent to a playlist!
  • there are no artist images pulled up

I’m considering subscribing to JG but the above are drawbacks… any chance these will be addressed in the future?

I stream Tidal if that makes any difference.

For any JG subscribers that care to comment… what had you subscribe?

EDIT: I went ahead with an annual subscription!

For those who are interested, I just retested all five FLAC streams and they play OK in my setup.

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Do anyone with premium account know if the skip functionality can work from Roon?

No, not in my experience.

Anyone knowing why the direct audio streams are not synced with the website?

Is it because I am in Europe and getting a time-shifted session?

Also the Dreams, Christmas Jazz and Smooth Jazz channels seem to be missing in Roon, I couldn’t find valid URLs (I have asked the station).

Those stations require a payment, along with mix 2. After paying for subscription, users can get a URL for them.

Christmas Jazz is normally known as Gems, I believe.

The audio stream played by the website is not the stream it provides if you ask it for a download .m3u file for an external player.

Its own stream is a sequence of separate streams, with credentials as part of the URLs. Impossible for Roon. I guess we put up with a delayed stream.

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