Jbl authentics 500 is roon ready?

Hi, I’m looking into the jbl authentics 500 and in its user manual it is defined as roon ready but in the jbl list on the roon website I don’t see it among the enabled devices, who do I trust?

I’d trust the Roon page more, historically several manufacturers claimed readiness prematurely.

(E.g., they might still be working on it but had a printer deadline for the manual :slight_smile: )

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I am the same I am consideing the JBL Authentics 300 to use as a bit of a portable radio…it too says its Roon ready.

Can confirm the Authentics 300 is roon ready. Had been using chromecast, but just showed up as a roon ready device.

I have just bought it and it’s working with roon.
I had to follow guidelines in the roon help center to get it working as there was an issue with AirPlay apparently .