JBLSDP75 roon ready?

Is the JBL SDP75 Roon ready?

Well it is not mentioned in the spec nor is it on this list, so I guess not. Why did you think it might be? There is always the possibility it may be Roon Ready at some future time, but that is a question for JBL to answer, not Roon. Looks like a very impressive piece of kit though.


I thought it would be because it’s essentially a Trinnov Altitude 32 with essentially the same software, but I guess if JBL didn’t license it with Roon it can’t be Roon Ready…

In that case I would email JBL and ask them about their plans. Post the answer back here when you get it. I can’t see why they would remove a feature unless they needed the room for features of their own. You would expect they would use the same software image but with their own branding added.

Hello @Lon_Goldstein1 & @Anthony_Bates,

The JBL SDP-75 is Roon Ready. We are currently acquiring assets from JBL to include on our Device Matrix and Partner page, but the device itself is certified.


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Great news! Why do companies not state Roon Ready on their websites? Could lose them a sale…

Ok that’s good to hear so I’m still puzzled why the JBL SDP75 does not show up as a Roon Ready device, it shows on my network but not in Roon anywhere under audio setup

Does it need enabling at the JBL end first?

Hello @Lon_Goldstein1,

Here’s a link to the instructions on how to enable Roon Ready on the Trinnov series. I do not have the SDP-75 on hand to tell you if the steps to enable Roon Ready functionality are different, but I do know that the devices share many things in common. If these instructions are not fit for the JBL SDP-75, I recommend reaching out to JBL support for further assistance.