JFIF file type not recognized as a picture (jpeg)

I added an album with a JFIF cover image (as that is what Microsoft is doing now apparently) and Roon couldn’t see it as picture.

Where did you get a cover image in that format?

I got the JFIF from copying an image from google. It was shown as a jpeg, but my computer (Win 10) saved it as a JFIF. I used Paint to convert it to a JPEG.

In addition this album was a purchased download where the cover image was in a PDF, Roon didn’t see it as the cover and showed the default grey grid no matter what I did to correct it.

You should be able to export a jpeg of the cover art from the pdf file. I’m on a Mac so I use Preview to do that. Any pdf reader that allows exports should be able to handle the conversion.

Like Adobe Reader.

Some say that the image really is a jpg you just need to rename the extension. I found a thread that gave the regedit changes that needed to be made to change this behavior back to jpg. Send me a PM if you want the link and directions.

Hi @Gary_Aigen,

Thanks for the report there. Just to confirm, after converting this picture file to a .JPEG, were you able to successfully add this as cover art to your album?

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