Jonathan Blake's "Trion"

Was not identified immediately by Roon, but was identified on request. However, identification had two metadata errors that I corrected locally. Genre is Jazz, not Pop/Rock. Performance is Live.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

Can you share some additional info about this album and what you’re seeing, as described here: How to report metadata issues

Digital download from Bandcamp. Album details and ID3 tags below, after reverting my two edits. Album was manually identified. I suspect automatic identification did not happen because the ID3 tags seem to be for a single 13 track album, while after identification it shows as two discs, 7 tracks + 6 tracks. Notice that the ID3 tags embedded in the tracks are rather sparse. Anyway, the two clear mistakes are that this is jazz, not pop/rock, and it consists of live performances.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

I have reached out to our metadata provider and requested they make a change here. I’ll keep you updated once we hear from them.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

Our metadata provider has let us know that they have corrected this today. Please give this about a week or two to be reflected within Roon. Once you see the change on your end please mark this post as the solution.

Thanks again for your report!

Thank you!