Jose James not imported

I downloaded Jose James’ “Yesterday I Had the Blues” from Qobuz and dropped it into my music folder. roon failed to import, so I did a force rescan, and it still didn’t show up. the Qobuz files were .m4a apple lossless files, so thinking that was the issue, I converted them to .aif using XLD. same problem, even after a force rescan.

my server is a Mac mini , and storage is on a NAS. the path is //musicstation/Music/Music/Jose James/Yesterday I Had the Blues/

if I click “add a folder” in the storage settings, I can browse to the Jose James folder, but it says the folder is empty.

if I use the finder, and browse to the same folder, the files are clearly visible.

Are you able to see all the other music on the NAS, or are you just having trouble seeing Jose James?

Cheers, Greg

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good question- i can see everything else, just Jose James is missing.

Ok, that’s weird. Let’s make sure we get @support to help out.

Cheers, Greg

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I tried creating a new watch folder, of the Jose James folder, then forcing a rescan of just that folder. Still nothing.

watching the scanner, i see it scan +28k files, but only 25,854 are actually imported. is this expected? are the files that are not imported cover art?

Hi @support, any thoughts what might be happening here?

Look in settings, library, skipped files

thanks- there’s one album there, 9 files, but it’s not Jose James.

i’ve resolved this. the was a _ in the album file name, deleting that, and shortening the file name, seems to have made the underlying files visible. so:

from :Yesterday I Had the Blues_ The Music of Billie Holliday
to: Yesterday I Had the Blues

the latter is visible to roon.