Judging the age of many Rooners here it would seem that we are quite the ancient lot

Yep! Anyone younger, with perfect hearing, is apparently quite happy with Spotify :man_shrugging:


When you say it like that… And many grew up listening on iPods to Apple 128KB MP3 files on Apples awful ear buds :rofl: (I went through that stage, in the convenience over quality stage of life)

No wonder they don’t know what good music sounds like.

I was 50 when I signed up for Lifetime, a week into my two week trial. About to hit profitability as I roll into my 4th anniversary shortly.


I’ve had 2 iPod’s myself. One of the first generation, and I think a 3rd generation one. The last one before they switched to flash storage and much thinner design. The last one should still be lying around here somewhere.

I’ve also started with the 128 kbit mp3 files. Later when hard disks became larger and more affordable I’ve ripped my collection to 320 kbit AAC. Now I’m replacing the albums that I have, and which are not available on either Tidal or Qobuz, by ripping them into FLAC.

But judging my nieces (age 10 to 20), it’s Spotify all day on their earbuds or straight from the phone speakers.


This is so true, and I see so many people playing music out of their phone speakers.
I bought my Son a decent stereo and gave him a pair of my old B&W speakers for his 21st birthday to try and rid him of the habit. I also migrated him from Spotify to Tidal (as Mr Bill Payer) and now when he is home from University he is constantly streaming high resolution music in his bedroom. But as soon as he goes back to university he is using a BT speaker again as he has no space for his stereo. But I have not seen him using his phone speaker in a long time and he used to be adamant that it was good enough.

It’s probably not a battle that we will win for the 95%


Well I’m not even going to attempt that with my nieces. My sister and brother in law are more than content with their crappy sound bar which sits underneath their TV.

The only one in my family who has an way above average setup is my 70 year old dad. He used to host a radio show on the local radio station here in the city where I’m living. And he always recorded that in his studio in his house.

Now that he has stopped doing that and my parents moved to a cottage after selling their house, he has created a nice little stereo setup with studio grade speakers and a Pioneer all in one with Airplay capabilities. He has tweaked the sound output and it sounds dang good there.

Ordered a Wiim Mini streamer from Amazon US on Sunday, it shipped early this morning according to the Amazon tracker and should arrive here in my home in the Netherlands tomorrow evening. Going to place it in my living room, looking forward to test that one out.


I have been waiting for the Wiim Pro to come into stock at Amazon UK as I want Chromecast support as well. Great little device’s they should be replacing Chromecast Audio puck’s all over the world.


I’ve bought it to give my Harman Kardon hifi in the living room access to Bluetooth and Airplay. Going to hook it up through toslink. From what I’ve been reading it will get Roon support soon as well. So that should be a bonus.

From the reviews I don’t expect top class sound quality, but then again. My living room’s hifi isn’t top grade either. So that should be ok.

I have two HK Citation One speakers which I can access through either Airplay or Chromecast should I choose to. Roon happily plays to them through Chromecast as a stereo pair. Their sound quality is decent.


Yes it’s a great choice. We are mostly an Android house and people want to cast Tidal so having the option of Chromecast, BT, Airplay, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect is the holy grail of streaming devices.

Hopefully RR in the next month or two will be a real bonus as well for many in these forums.

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I’ve parted with Android quite awhile ago. Apart from my Windows gaming laptop it’s all Apple here. Chromecast outside of Roon can be easily done through the Chrome browser. It has built in Chromecast functionality.


Ha ha I am the opposite and moved from all Apple and as long as we are happy with our choices that’s great.

I did buy a Mac Mini M1 for using with HQP though as I think that is the best value for HQP use and not at all closed :grin:


My Roon Core runs on my good old 2017 MacBook Air, while my daily driver is my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro.

The Air sits in the living room and doubles as music player there. The Pro is for cough serious listening big cough

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@Michael_Harris @SandsOfArrakis
Great conversation

I hope you have some glitter rocks for your MBP


Of course. I always feel the need to spice things up :wink:


@Michael_Harris @SandsOfArrakis

While I do not mind my girls streaming crappy quality my no 1 demon is the music they absorb from their environment. But than again, when I was 15 my dad did not like Sepultura


Haha. I’m single and no kids, so I don’t have to suffer from that “problem” :smile:

But yeah… Judging my nieces music tastes… Not my cup of tea either.


The Wiim Mini is great. I use it in a headphone only setting for late night listening, Toslink connection to Mojo 2 and use an iPad as controller. The Roon Ready has been imminent for a while, it was on the “roadmap” on their website for end Q4 2022 for months, has now shifted to early Q1 2023.
The choice they already have is fantastic, Qobuz, Amazon,Apple, Spotify, Tidal etc.


That’s awesome. As I have Qobuz, Tidal and Apple Music. The last one through my Apple One subscription. Hmm Apple is not being mentioned on their website though.

No great loss though, as I’m using Qobuz and Tidal all the time :slightly_smiling_face:

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My dad only really listened to the Beatles, Buddy Holly and the Hollies.
My musical taste always was and still is way too broad for him :joy: (and most people I know)

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Well my dad hosted a country & western radio show for over 25 years. Next to that he listens to 60’s & 70’s pop/rock. So he doesn’t mind some Black Sabbath.

But his absolute favorite ever song has to be Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee”.


Ah but they have a cell phone surgically grafted to their hand and earbuds permanently in their ears

Us oldies have a phone on the desk :phone:

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