Just added a Sonos Arc

Rooms finally all done.

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Just need my final head rig for the office and I am done.

Looks good Simon, hopefully you are pleased with your getaway area

I am took longer than I would have liked so is the joy of builders, one step forward two back and some of the overall finish could have been better but I’m done. Spent too much but already feeling the benefits of it so it’s worth it and far better than what it was like.




That is certainly a transformation.
The difference is startling so hopefully you now get some time to enjoy it

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Its making working from home the 3 days I now do, much better. How much I use the other half will depend on my son and how much he uses it, it was the primary reason for that bit so Mrs Gipsy and myself get more use of our living room. But I forssee family movie nights being a thing in here.

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