Just added WiiM Pro Streamers to the system

I like my Wii Pro configured like this…

Wiim Pro
TC Electronics Finaliser+ 96k
Mutec MC3+USB re-clocker
Grace Designs M903 DAC

I am using the TC for eq, some mild multi (3) band limiting and ‘digital radiance generator’ (basically I have it tweaked to act as a ‘loudness’ / enrichment function and the eq is to compensate for my hearing loss)

Using Qobuz via the Wiim app is tolerable / good, The eq is good but would prefer a parametric (promised in the future apparently)

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Set a WiiM Pro up in my system and connected it through Toslink to a new/old Shiit Modi 3+, then into my vintage Luxman R-115 receiver. I have it set to run over the WiFi network as wired ethernet is not available in that room. I run RAAT to it from my ROON Core. It works flawlessly. I am pleased! I have a hard time thinking why anyone would set up a Raspberry Pi over a WiiM Mini or Pro. WiiM has all the features you need, starting with ROON Ready. It can’t be beaten at $150 (Pro) or $80 (Mini). As always, to each his own.