Just to be sure, this weekend planning to move/migrate the Core from Win 7 to Win 10 machine, but (i'm going to screw this up)

… the darn Murphy, i have a feeling will drop in and mess things up.

I believe i’ve done as much preparation, reading knowledge base articles, relevant community posts, etc. short of doing a dry rurn.

Here’s where i stand on Win 7 Core,

This “will” be my last backup today at 23:23:41, as shown in the image.

Existing backups are shown as following,


At the new machine running Windows 10, from that Core as mentioned in this Roon page for restoring a backup,

, i only need to select the very last backup, at the bottom, to restore from.


Also, i’m wondering if would be whole lot simpler (???) if i just copy the


, to the new Win 10 Core machine…

Thanks much.

Hi @George_Shin,

Where are your media files stored, are they all on that MyCloudEX2U2 storage location?

Do you have any on the Win 7 Core itself that you are migrating over (on the internal hard drive or something similar)?

Our Migration Knowledge Base Article provides a great overview, but yes, you have the correct steps down.

Theoretically you could, but using Roon’s backup manager is better, that way if there are issues during the restore process any errors with restoring would be more visible.

Spread out on 3 different NAS storage locations.

And the Roon backup folder is on one of these NAS storage location.

No. Only out on NAS storage locations.

So, my schedule this past weekend didn’t allow me to do the migrate, so planning again for this coming weekend.

So, at the new Core, once i have the Roon backup folder at the NAS storage location opened, that is where the Roon’s Migration Knowledge Base Article could add bit more clarity on what the user is expected to see to continue the restore operation, perhaps with some screenshots.

Hi @George_Shin,

Yes, this is fine, a mentioned in the Migration Doc:


Networked storage devices (like a shared folder on a NAS) will work without any further changes after restoring.

After you point Roon to the backup, it will restore it and you’ll be presented with your previous database, I’m not sure what screenshot we could add that would help here? “Backup restored successfully” screenshot?

I see. So, once i have the Roon backup folder at the NAS storage location opened, that’s it. And Roon knows to start the restore “without” me pointing to which “backup” to restore from.

What i was “assuming” that i would be presented with similar screen like the one below with existing bcakups, and i need to manually choose which backup to restore from.

But Roon is smart enough to use all those backup points as needed (i believe each are incremental’s with first being the full at that point in time ???) to recreate my previous database.


In other words i do not tell Roon which (individual) backup(s) to restore from once the Roon’s file browser has located the RoonBackups folder.

Just point Roon at the RoonBackups “folder”, that’s it.

Hi @George_Shin,

This is correct, once you point Roon to the backups folder, you will be presented with the screenshot similar to the one you posted and you select your backup from the list. Was the restore successful?

I haven’t done the restore yet, because i have not had chance to migrate to windows 10 machine, yet.

So, in terms of choosing the backup from the list, to restore from, i do NOT need to overthink this, right?

That is, regardless of how many backups are in the list, choosing the one on the bottom of the list, as the LATEST backup will restore from the latest backup snapshot, correct?

I ask this because i tend to keep last 3 backup’s, by deleting older backup’s.

And i’m assuming again, that Roon knows that when i delete older backup’s to make sure the last (latest) backup will be the only one necessary to restore from.


I have no intention of restoring from anything but the latest backup.

Thanks again.

Hi @George_Shin,

No, you don’t need to over think this. Once you point Roon to the backup location, you’ll be presented with the similar menu and you can choose the latest from the list:

When Roon reaches the backup limit, the oldest backup is automatically overwritten.

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