Keep connection alive on iPad

Using build 88 on an iPad Air 2 and finding that when I switch away from Roon to say check email, when I switch back, Roon says disconnected from server and needs to reconnect. It’s not a big deal, but a little distracting with the screen flashing back and forth. Is it possible to keep the connection alive or wait longer before the disconnected screen shows up? Thanks.


There have been a number of posts about this. I understand that Apple insist on apps which lose focus breaking and rebuilding connection in order to preserve battery life and that there is nothing the Roon devs can do about it.

How long does it take to reconnect ?

If you go into application on your Mac and then right click on Roon app,then go to were it says get info.Once in the info screen, under general there is a box were you can disable nap app.

Hi Jason,

I understand it’s an iOS tablet thing rather than on a Mac desktop. Can’t see a similar setting for iPad.

I see…then maybe the screen “flash” can be removed and the “reconnection” can be shown as a small icon what is less “intrusive”.


On iPad build 88 this is improved but it’s still staggeringly annoying and quite the worst bit of the roon experience as I am sitting here jumping between this forum and reading about what I’m listening to. I’ve come from remote and jriver (mainly) and that didn’t suffer from such intense glitches. Jremote managed to load 90% of the interface back up and then update the track playing or whatever else had played. I guess, though, that roon needs a much more intimate connection with the server than jremote does. Hopefully it can be improved though.

In case it’s helpful on build 69 it took about 5 -7 seconds to kick back in and now it’s 3-7 depending upon how long I’ve been away.

This seems like an easy programming effort to reduce the amount of the page that gets refreshed upon reconnection. I don’t see other iOS apps behaving this way.

Don’t think many ios apps work in the same way !!!

Meaning I don’t often see my entire app disappear with a lost connection message. I could be wrong. JRemote surely doesn’t.

I have a number of apps on my iPad that do this. Crestron, and TiVo in particular. TiVo did fix it by changing the app so that the screen doesn’t sleep unless you hit the power button to sleep it. Then TiVo has the same behavior. Personally, while I don’t like Roon’s current behavior, I prefer it to never sleeping which may be the alternative.

I’ve been having an issue where after the iPad app “reconnects”, I end up with a blank screen and lose all of my history (meaning there are no back or forward buttons at the top). I don’t mind the “reconnecting” screen so much, although it does seem to take longer than other apps, but losing the page that I was viewing is pretty annoying! This seems to happen with a higher frequency the longer I am out of the Roon app, but can happen when I switch to another app for just a few seconds.

It should be possible to fix this by ensuring that background refresh is set to ‘ON’ for Roon.

However, on my ipad (air 2, ios9.3.5) the Roon app does not show up in the list of apps (Settings>General>Background App Refresh).

Will the Roon app be updated so that background refresh can be set?

I just ended my Roon trial period and decided not to purchase the app because of this issue, which I felt killed the overall experience (specially given the cost of the lifetime subscription). I also looked for the option to activate the background refresh on my iPad and iPhone and noticed Roon app wasn’t listed there.
Hope they find a way to fix this

I came to the opposite conclusion - bought lifetime license (with a few days still to go on the trial period). Using iPad it only takes a couple of seconds to connect to Roon server. Whilst it would be good to see this ‘fixed’ (it’s not really a bug, more a feature of how Apple specify things) the benefits of Roon far outweigh the minor inconvenience of waiting a short period for the iPad app to refresh.

Yes agreed, it is a minor inconvenience. Keen to get it fixed if possible. Moving to another app on this basis alone seems a bit drastic.

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I wouldn’t say minor! I browse all sorts of interesting stuff when I’m listening to music. Generally, I read something in Roon, that then takes me to wikipedia or elsewhere and then nip back and top up the queue when I need to. PITA that I get black screens, semi-loaded history and a long pause before I can actually do anything.

It’s not a big deal to me, but it would be nice if the reconnection process was a little smoother and more consistent. Network and server latency seems to play a role at times as well.

It’s one of the major bugbears for me, which is probably an indication that everything important is working well. My reconnection on the iPad often times out and takes 5-7 seconds to find my Core. I’ve tried using a numerical IP address instead of a name for the Core and changing a few other things, but its still too long. It used to only take 2s or so but I cant say what changed. Still using same router etc.

If I can’t get it back to 2s or less then I’ll probably choose an Android tablet next time around.

@andybob - would you mind listing what you tried as I’d like to improve things here if I can. I do occasionally get disconnections from core but usually the problems I experience is more to do with a sort of refresh that I perceive that takes place when I return to Roon on the ipad after looking at another app. The symptoms vary but things I’ve noticed are that the history disappears, the queue disappears, whatever is playing isn’t properly updated as the current track (ie whatever was playing when I left the app is still displayed). If I leave things alone they update but this can take 1-3 minutes sometimes which gets infuriating after it’s happened a few times.