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I’m running a Innous Zen connected to my network. Roon keeps stopping and getting a disconnected from Roon error message. No firewall. Just an ethernet cable connecting both the Linn Akurate DSM to the network switch and the Zen. Please help as its very irritating. System works fine on Spotive, and Tidal using the Linn software.

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Hello @Kenneth_Thean, my apologies for the issue here. I’ll need to know specific details about your network setup including model numbers for your router, switch, and how your Zen connects to the network, thanks!

I’m using an Asus Lyra router, connected to a Cisco switch via lan cable for wifi. Zen and Linn Klimax connected with LAN cable to this Cisco switch. Klimax can play Spotify through Spotify app, and Tidal via Linn’s app work well. Apple TV connected to Cisco switch can play 4K Netflix with no problems. Only the Roon keeps disconnecting. Using an iPad to control Roon.

Hello @Kenneth_Thean, is that a managed switch? What happens if you connect your core directly to the router as a test?

Have to use the switch as the router has only one port. So if I connect the core directly the Linn is not connected. Switch works well. Every other device connected to this switch, eg Apple TV, Linn, android box, work. I can watch hours of Netflix 4K shows without any problems.

Hello @Kenneth_Thean, the reason I bring up the managed switch is for issues like this, we recommend simplifying your setup as much as possible and building from there. Also, in our networking best practices, we recommend against using managed switches. Are you able to set it in unmanaged mode?

Alternatively, do you have another device you can try as your core temporarily to see if the same symptoms occur?

Will try your suggestion. I’ll purchase a Nucleus plus to see if this works better.

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