Keeping Roon Library for a couple of years

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Naim Dac

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Not really an ‘issue’, more of a query. I’m going away for a couple of years (not prison) and won’t have access to Roon. I’d like to cancel the account as I’m going to need every penny, but restart it when I’m home. If I restart it can I keep my library even if I also cancel Tidal/Qoboz? Is this possible?

Thank you kindly in advance

Hey @CaneJameson,

Thanks a lot for sharing a bit of your plans :relieved:

If you’d like to cancel your Roon account for now, please take a moment and turn off auto-renew on your account page. That will ensure your Roon subscription will simply expire, instead of being automatically renewed.

When you say “keep your library” are you referring to your Roon database? To explain a little more, the Roon database contains all the information about the way you’re using Roon: settings, play history, favorites, tags, playlists and so on. By backing up Roon you can save this information.

You should be able to restore this database when you return to Roon, two years from now. If there are any issues, we’ll do all we can to get your database migrated if at all possible.

To make sure you preserve as much information as you can, you might want to consider exporting your TIDAL and Qobuz playlists as well. We wholeheartedly recommend soundiiz.

You can also export your Roon data:

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