Keeps redoing audio analysis

Very regularly, Roon restarts analyzing my library, going back and starting with 1/~20,000 tracks and redoing them all. It had very recently, as of just a couple days ago, listed them all as analyzed.

I haven’t figured out exactly when it restarts this way, but it may be when I unmount the external drive my music library is stored on. (Roon is running on a MacBook Air (OS 10.10.5, and my iTunes library and other music files are on a partition of an external HD which I plug in and mount when I’m home.) I also have been adding albums from Tidal to my library, and that may be correlated with Roon restarting its scanning.

Can I avoid this behavior?

Hi chreliot,

I’m not a Mac user but making and breaking the connection between the Core and library sounds very likely to be prompting the re-analysing.

Is there some other topology available to you that would leave the core and library connected ? Possible topologies might include:

  • library on board the MacBook Air (may not be feasible if it is large); or
  • Roon or RoonServer running as Core on a second computer with the library on board or connected.

If those are not feasible then it may be that setting up the library as a network drive (perhaps by USB off the router) could be less likely to prompt re-analysis than mounting and unmounting a drive directly.

These are just guesses on my part. Hopefully people with more Mac experience can confirm/deny.



Thank you for the comments and advice. Perhaps because I’ve had the laptop attached, Roon hasn’t tried reindexing since I wrote this, so I had better figure zero in on the conditions when it happens and make sure that it’s always when I disconnect from my external drive.

For the time being, unfortunately, my iTunes library has to be on a drive external to my laptop, and my laptop is my only machine. My music library is way, way too big to fit on the laptop. iTunes plays nicely with an external library that’s frequently disconnected, but it may be that Roon doesn’t.