Kef LS50 Wireless II DSD problems after Roon Ready certification

Hi! Something strange happens on my Kef ls50w II after the Roon Ready certification. When I play through Roon, dsd files, in the path, are converted into PCM! And when I use a different equalization than standard on the Kef connect app, the dsd suddenly stops. I don’t know why

LS50 Wireless II has always converted DSD to PCM for the inter speaker connection. LS50WII supports DSD as a source format (rather than not supporting it or requiring DoP like many components)

From the specification:

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 5.38.10 PM

In regards to DSD stopping, if you could replicate exactly what you’re doing and send a log through the support part of the app, that would be highly appreciated as the developers can try and delve in and see what’s happening.

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Ok, sure! I have some dsd64 or 128 files stored in “Music” folder on a SSD drive in win10 as a Roon Core. I play them through Roon archive and, after last upgrade, they stops and not reproduces well. The problem is with every equalization app set. How could I send the log file?

Hi Gianluca, in the KEF Connect app, if you go into settings, there’s a section for support. Small form to fill out, and it automatically attaches the log. Be as descriptive as possible in the form, as that really helps the developers narrow down where the issue might sit.

But make sure you reproduce your problem first, and send the form/logs without turning the LS50W2s off (turning them off resets the logs as far as I am aware).

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Ok, just sent