Kef LS50 Wireless II - Logitech Harmony Problems


Anyone facing trouble using their Logitech remotes with LS50WII?

I have both the Harmony Elite and the Ultimate One. Both used to work with my previous LS50W but unfortunately neither work with the settings for the LS50WII.

MyHarmony finds the settings for both versions and the settings for LS50W work on the LS50WII for power on/of, volume up/down etc. but not for direct source selection for the HDMI and Coax (naturally as these did not exist in version one).

The settings for LS50WII do nothing for any function.

I particularly need to select Coax input for an activity. Currently I use the settings for version one, (Select Optical, 5 sec delay, Source) sequence solves the problem but is not neat and why would the normal settings not work?

Anyone had any similar experience? Any other insights?

As for Roon, I am more than happy with the LS50WII. Most probably best bang for buck in hifi. KC62 will be the next step.

Thanks a lot


yes I had the same problem.
Just use the old Kef wireless 50 and it works fine.

+1 running into this issue. I use a Harmony Hub plus with the RF remote that comes with it and love it.
I found the same workaround as OP and have been using my setup this way for several months now. Not neat, agreed, but at least it works.
Many months ago I contacted logitech for this, they asked for IR specs for the LS50W2 in a specific format that KEF does not provide, KEF support did not answer requests.

If anyone has a better solution or hears that logitech as somehow fixed the problem, please drop a note here

There’s this:

@RBM that is exactly what I sent them (logitech). They asked for “PRONTO Hex codes” instead, it’s a more low level description of the code, as I understood it after doing a little research. I asked KEF for that but never obtained it.

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