KEF LS50 wireless - roon ready? [not roon ready, but supported natively]

Thanks for the update :blush:
By the way I have two of the new Sonos One speakers coming and I’ll be trying out Roon with those.

Fantastic :smiley:

Oh the irony that I was listening to ‘Faith’ by George Michael when I read this…

Sweet Wait! Hardware is not friendly enough but you guys still worked it out!
super :triumph:

LS50W just get better, isn’t it?

Somewhat cryptic … Doesn’t deployment usually just mean the next roon release?? :wink:

For Roon only software, that’s what it usually means. But for partner stuff, there is always marketing stuff to work out.

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I see Kef is already advertising that the speakers work with Roon. I got an e-mail from them a few days ago showing that.


Well that’s the marketing stuff sorted. Let’s deploy!


Wow. “Available to buy now”. But where?!

Sure they’ll make money @DarwinOS . When I can play Roon through my KEFs directly, I will likely buy Roon…


Who knows, I would rather they put more effort into their software and how about a decent remote.

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Is it “Wow! I want one!” or “wow! how ugly!”? :sweat_smile:

I find it eye hurting ugly… or maybe it’ll work only with Marcel Wanders furnitures?

Great. So now you can have a pair of A$3700.- speakers that look just like a pair of speakers bought at an Asian market for $50.-.

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That’s now! :slight_smile:

Hilarious. If this ‘special edition’ had some upgraded internals to make it Roon Ready, I’d fork out for this. But it look’s like the internals are the same and hence it’s not Roon Ready either.

thanks for the link. Each one his own view of course. The designer has gone tiny bit overboard. I like mine any day than this design. They look little ugly for my eyes.

it’s out!