KEF LS50 Wireless Speakes - Roon Endpoint

As I understand the KEF LS50 wireless speakers are Roon endpoints. I also see they have a DAC built in. Does this mean they’ll end up being an audio device/output for a zone natively without additional hardware?

With that said is there a way to bypass their DAC if desired?

Yes they are a native Roon endpoint with the limitation that they cannot be grouped with other zones because the implementation that was done to accommodate the LS50W is not RAAT.

No you cannot bypass the internal DSP function. It’s there even on the RCA jacks.

They would be a stand alone zone… They are a bit pricey considering what the speakers can actually achieve, however, the simplicity / integration is amazing… Thanks for the info.

Take a look at the LSX also. Much less pricy.


Thanks for your input. I’ll look into those now.