KEF LS50W Volume problem


As you can see on the screenshot, my KEFs volume goes over the set limit (Yes, I nearly blow up my speakers once).
I had a similar problem last year when volume went to 100% upon switching ON but that was fixed with Roon 1.4.

Speakers are connected via ethernet to Music Server (Windows 10) with Roon Core.
I use Macbook (WiFi) highSierra 10.13.6 and android phone to control it.


Hello @Adam_Dabrowski,

I am unable to reproduce this behavior using our in-house pair of KEF LS-50 Wireless. Would you be able to provide some instructions on how to reproduce this?


Hi @john

I have no idea how to reproduce it. It happened 4 times in a month.

Looks like switching OFF/ON music server could be the thing.
I switch my server OFF overnight and then turn it ON to play music.